Ava Spyefel

Basic Character Information

Personal Information

Name: Ava Spyefel
Caste: Air-Aspect
Concept: An Air-Aspected Sijanese Funerist hoping to bring hope to the living and healing to Creation.
Motivation: Heal the world of war and the wicked, one village at a time if necessary.

Vital Statistics


Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 5, Stamina 4
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 5, Wits 3


Zenith: Integrity 3, Performance 3, Presence 3, Resistance 1, Survival 1
Twilight: Lore 5 (+3 with Elemental Bolt, +2 with the Dead), Medicine 5, Occult 5 (+2 with the Dead, +2 with Weather Working)
Night: Awareness 3, Athletics 1, Dodge 5, Stealth 1
Eclipse: Bureaucracy 1, Linguistics 4 (Rivertongue, Old Realm, Frost Tongue, High Realm, Low Realm), Sail 1, Socialize 1


  • Inheritance 5
  • Patron 5
  • Backing 3 Bureau of Seasons
  • Backing 3 Bureau of Nature
  • Salary 2
  • Manse 3 (Stone of Resliant Bamboo. Lethal soak = Stamina, parry lethal with bare hands, heal lethal or bashing every hour.)
  • Manse 2 (Mind-Cleansing Gem. +1 to Dodge and Parry MDV. Gives influenced targets a chance to break free.)
  • Artifact 4 Resplendent Satchel of Healing (Pg. 71 from Wonders).
  • Artifact 3 Elemental Lens (Pg. 79 of Wonders).
  • Artifact 2 Discreet Essence Armor (Pg. 82 of Wonders).
  • Artifact 1 Golden Flame (One mote makes warmth for an hour, reduces natural cold environmental damage by 2 to a minimum of 0 before soak).
  • Artifact 1 Bulb of Demise and Renewal (Pg 58 of Wonders).
  • Familiar 1 Marla, a magically created canary with emerald eyes and ice feathers. +2 to Athletics. Adds +1 to Damage if Anima flare is 0-8, +2 to Damage if 8-15, +3 to Damage if at 16+.

Secondary Statistics

Willpower, Virtues, and Intimacies

Willpower: 8
Virtues: Compassion 5, Conviction 4, Temperance 3, Valor 3
Intimacies: Children, young couples, the honorable dead, Sijan, Tepet Garel, Drake, Oishii, Mela, her familiar Marla.

Health and Essence

Health: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap/Dying/Dying/Dead
Essence: 5
Personal Essence Pool: 19
Peripheral Essence Pool: 48

Merits and Flaws

  • Legendary Breeding 6 points (+6 personal, +11 Peripheral). Costs 3 less to activate anima banner.
  • Eidetic Recall 2 points (Sight and Sound)

Combat Statistics

Defense Statistics

  • Join Battle: 6
  • Dodge: 8
  • Parry:
  • Mental Dodge: 8 (9 with Hearthstone)
  • Mental Parry:


  • Standard: -9B/-9L/-0A (4B/2L Natural, +2L from Hearthstone)

Combat Statistics

  • Clinch: Speed 6, Acc +0 (5) Dmg +0B (2B), Rate 1
  • Kick: Spd 5, Acc +0 (5) Dmg +3B (5B), Def -2 (2), Rate 2
  • Punch: Spd 5, Acc +1 (6), Dmg +0B (2B), Def +2 (4), Rate 3
  • Elemental Bolt Attack: Speed 4 (-1 from Hesiesh's Grace), Accuracy 28 (Base 18, +6 from Superlative Dragon's Fang, +2 from Pasiap's Accumen), Damage 15L-27L (Base 2L-8L, Elemental Lens 4L-16L, +6 from Superlative Dragon's Fang, +5 from Augmented Elemental Devastation Technique), Rate 1, Range 100 (250 with Sextes Jylis' Sight), Piercing (from Fivefold Dragon's Might)



  • Aspect Power - 5m, One Scene. Triple leaping distance, no damage from falls, add Essence to DV against Thrown and Archery attacks.


  • Elemental Bolt - 1m per 2L. Simple. Dex+Athletics. Accuracy=Essence. Range of Essencex20 yards. Bolt does 2L per mote up to Stamina. Subtracts 2 dice from victim's next action.
  • Elemental Burst Attack -
  • Sharpening The Dragon's Fang Relentless use of an Elemental Bolt Attack can shape the Charm itself. Experienced Terrestrials find that dedicated practice can mold their elemental powers to suit a specific need. This Charm functions as a permanent upgrade to Elemental Bolt Attack, enhancing or adding specific abilities to the Charm. The first purchase grants access to one of the following upgrades below. Once a Terrestrial has mastered this deliberate manipulation of their Elemental Bolt, further enhancements may be purchased for 2xp each. Note that these enhancements carry the names of the Immaculates for sake of convention but each Aspect has their own elementally appropriate version of each upgrade. These upgrades are mutually exclusive but the Terrestrial may choose which enhancement to invoke with every individual use of Elemental Bolt Attack. Should the Terrestrial use multiple Elemental Bolts through use of the Mela's Vigor enhancement or another Charm, all bolts in a given action must benefit from the same enhancement with at least 1 tick passing before an upgrade can be switched.

At Essence 4, the Terrestrial gains the ability to use a second enhancement at the same time. At Essence 5, they can use three at once and so on for every dot of Permanent Essence thereafter.
Hesiesh's Grace: Reduce the Speed of the Elemental Bolt to 4.
Mela's Vigor: Increase the Rate of the Elemental Bolt to 3.
Danaa'd's Discretion: Allows Elemental Bolt Attack to do either 4B or 2L per mote spent.
Sextes Jylis' Sight: Increase the Range to Essence x 50 yrds.
Pasiap's Accumen: Increases the Accuracy of the Elemental Bolt by 2.
Fivefold Dragon's Might: Makes the Elemental Bolt Piercing.

  • Superlative Dragon's Fang - 0m, Permanent. The greatest of Terrestrial masters long ago discovered that lifetimes of shaping their Elemental Bolt Charms shaped them in turn. The greater the potency of the Dragon-Bloood in their veins, the more striking the effects of internal Essence shaping. This Charm taps into the limitless genetic potential of a Terrestrial's bloodline, adding the Exalt's Breeding rating to the Accuracy and Damage of all Elemental Bolt Charms. Charms can be invoked and aimed by a simple glance of the eyes now.
  • Elemental Wave Onslaught - 1m per 1L, Simple, Instant. Many Terrestrials learn Elemental Bolt Attack early, with Realm Dragon-Blooded especially practicing this Charm as part of their basic military repitoire. Generations of Terrestrial soldiers have improved and refined the military applications for the battlefield, improving the Elemental Bolt's versatility. Elemental Wave Onslaught is one of the first more advanced permutations of Elemental Bolt Attack, allowing the Terrestrial to throw an arc of elemental essence that strikes all in its range and scope. Terrestrial makes a standard Elemental Bolt attack, apply its successes to each target within a 90 degree arc that extends out [Essence x10] yards. The bolt also has an elemental aspect and triggers the following elemental effect for Air-Aspects: Air or lightning buffet or shock the target, subtracting two dice from their next action. Each Onslaught costs 1m per 1L, though no more than Stamina in motes can be spent.
  • Elemental Blossom Onslaught - +1m per target, Simple, Instant. Realm Dragon-Blooded who favor Elemental Wave Onslaught often find it challenging to use without making the women and men under their command collateral damage. Elemental Blossom Onslaught trades scope for discriminatory ability. This Charm represents a permanent upgrade to Elemental Bolt Attack, allowing the Terrestrial to create multiple simultaneous bolts. Only one attack roll is applied, with the successes on the roll applied to all targets. Additional bolts cost only 2 mote but if used as part of a Combo, or with reflexive Charms, those Charms must be paid for with each duplicate bolt. The same target may be selected more than once but the Terrestrial can only generate as many Elemental Bolts as they have Permanent Essence.
  • Cascading Elemental Feedback - 5m, Reflexive, Instant. It's said the Immaculate Dragons themselves created this Charm when the Anathema rose to strike them down. Veteran Terrestrials can refine their mastery of the elements to unleash a destructive corona of Essence when attacked. One Dexterity + Lore roll is applied to both defense and the counterattack. The successes replace the Exalt's normal DV against the initial strike as an explosion of elemental force blunts the attack. Weapons of poor durability (wood, bone, etc.) are typically destroyed by this effect before they can do damage, including ranged fire. Regardless of outcome, the successes of the Dexterity + Lore roll are then applied as a counterattack unless the attacker is more than Essencex10 yards away.

The bolt also has an elemental aspect and triggers the following elemental effect for Air-Aspects: If the original attack hits and the weapon is metal or a metal alloy, the Exalt's Essence is added as automatic successes to the Dexterity + Lore counterattack roll as lightning conducts up the length of the weapon.

  • Elemental Dragon’s Stamina - Generations of Dragon-Blooded soldiers have encountered the same problem: the efficiency of their Elemental Bolt Attack Charms peaks early. Where many heed the general wisdom that true power is reserved for Celestial Exalts alone, considerable research in maximizing Terrestrial mote potency and economy has led to the development of several Charms thanks to the efforts of both ancient Dragon-Blooded and several First Age Twilights. Elemental Dragon's Stamina is the first of such Charms. Learning it allows a Terrestrial to double the number of motes they may spend on a given Elemental Bolt Charm, including Elemental Burst Technique, Elemental Wave Onslaught, etc. This Charm may be purchased as many times as the Terrestrial has Permanent Essence, each time adding one to the multiple instead of doubling it again (ie. two purchases means a Terrestrial may triple the number of motes they spend for a given Elemental Bolt).
  • Augmented Elemental Devestation Technique - 2m+, 1wp, Simple, Until Uncommitted. Building on Elemental Dragon's Stamina, Augmented Elemental Devestation Technique allows Terrestrials lasting augments to their Elemental Bolt Charms. Every 2 motes committed on this Charm up to twice their Permanent Essence, they can add 1L to the damage of all Elemental Bolt type Charms. This enhancement applies only so long as they leave the motes committed. Augmenting Elemental Devestation Technique only affects Elemental Bolt Attack Charms in the Elemental Wave Onslaught tree. This Charm may be invoked without a preexisting Anima Flux at Iconic levels of display, per the Anima keyword, but doing so instantly creates an Iconic Anima Flux until the motes committed are released.
  • Sustaining Elemental Devestation Technique - 2m+, 1wp, Simple, Until Uncommitted. The pinnacle of Elemental Bolt engineering is the Sustaining Elemental Devestation Technique, a powerful Charm learned only by those rare enough to devote such time and effort into mastering their Essence. Whether invoked or already in effect, the Terrestrial may then harness their unleashed elemental Anima to fuel their powers. For every 2 motes committed (up to twice their Permanent Essence), all Elemental Bolt Charms cost 1 mote less (down to their Permament Essence in discount). This discount applies only so long as they leave the motes committed. Sustaining Elemental Devestation Technique only affects Elemental Bolt Attack Charms in the Elemental Wave Onslaught tree. This Charm may be invoked without a preexisting Anima Flux at Iconic levels of display, per the Anima keyword, but doing so instantly creates an Iconic Anima Flux until the motes committed are released.
  • Anger of the Dragons - 3m, Supplemental, Instant. Stories say Mela herself inspired this line of Terrestrial research. Collectively called the Passions of the Dragons, this set of three Charms can generally be used to supplement any of the Elemental Bolt Attack type Charms. Anger of the Dragons begins with amplifying the power of the elements themselves. Use of this Charm doubles the rolled successes of the damage roll on any Elemental Bolt Charm. Doing so causes a substantial flare of elemental essence above and beyond normal, typically leaving lasting marks on the region at the discretion of the Storyteller (elemental lightning may magnetize metal while elemental wood may cause plants go grow faster in the area for the next several years).
  • Rage of the Dragons - 4m 1wp, Simple, Instant. If the Immaculate Dragons had missed a single blow against the Anathema, they might have failed to save Creation. Thanks to Charms like this, that danger was avoided. Powerful Terrestrials can refine their elemental essence into a vortex of such surpassing power and speed there can be no defense. Unleashing an Elemental Bolt Charm augmented by this Charm transforms the essence of the attack into pure light of a color appropriate to the Aspect. The resulant blast hits even with 0 successes so long as the target is in range. It cannot be Dodged without a Perfect effect. Rage of the Dragons can only be parried if the target can defend against insubstantial attacks.


  • First Medicine Excellency
  • Infection-Banishing Prana
  • Disease-Banishing Technique
  • Wound-Closing Touch
  • Grievous Wound Alteration Energy
  • Madness-Analyzing Stare
  • Purity of Mind Method
  • Granite Curtain of Serenity


  • Third Integrity Excellency


  • Ox Body Technique


  • Third Dodge Excellency
  • Terrestrial Dodge Reinforcement
  • Threshold Warding Stance
  • Hopping Firecracker Evasion
  • Virtuous Negation Defense
  • Safety Among Enemies
  • Elemental Defense Technique
  • Smoldering Karma Strike
  • Unassailable Body of Air Defense


  • Third-Linguistics Excellency
  • Wind-Carried Words
  • Voices on the Wind
  • Poisoned Tongue Technique
  • Voice of Mastery
  • With One Mind


  • Principle of Motion - 5m, 1wp. Simple (Speed 6, DV -2). Gain a number of “banked” actions equal to Willpower. Must commit motes. Taking multiple actions costs the number of actions used plus one more.
  • Touch of Grace - 3m+, 1wp. Simple. Scene. Spend 3 motes per Lethal or 1 mote per Bashing to heal wounds. Can't spend more than Compassion or Essencex3 and Charm fails if it cannot completely heal the target. Can't permanently heal supernatural or aggravated damage, only until end of scene.
  • Elemental Rejuvenation - Use a Speed 3, DV -2 action to heal one health level or regain one mote when in contact with one's element.
  • Amethyst Awareness - 6m. All Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight.

Personal Information


Ava Spyefel grew up in Sijan, raised by a pair of Deathspeaker Observance Funerists. Her earliest memories were of helping with some simple rituals and learning to both be happy in life but to honor the dead. Ava grew out of childhood into young adulthood, bringing a smile and kindness to everyone who knew her. Many said she had an unusual lightness of spirit in a place as grim as Sijan and everyone knew the name of Ava Spyefel.

Magic was as much her birthright as the Deathspeaker Observance she eventually entered into. Ava grew up with an affinity to lightning and wind, as well as the simple thamuturgical rituals her parents taught her. Only later did she learn that every other Dragon-Blood Exalted at some point, a moment of awakened connection with the Elemental Dragons. There was no record in any history book she could find of a child Exalting earlier than the age of seven…which made her unique in the world.

Ava grew skilled in the arts of funerary rites and rose in renown as one of Sijan's greatest healers, until the day came that her parents passed away. Once they were accepted into the ranks of the ghostly Observances, Ava was finally told the truth; that she wasn't born to them but taken. Decades ago, forces of Sijan seized a living baby with lightning in her eyes from the hands of Deathlord Nemissaries. Not knowing where she came from, they took her to Sijan. No one knew where she'd come from or what the Deathlords intended…but Ava decided she couldn't stay in Sijan any longer. Somewhere out in Creation was the truth of what she was, of what she was meant to do.

She found that truth in the war between the Bull of the North and the Tepet Legions. On the battlefield, she tended to the wounded on either side, refusing to join the Realm and their religion of supremacy but revolted by the Bull's bloodthirsty tactics as well. It was here that Gaia first spoke to her, not in voice so much as in heart. With her hands covered in blood, and thousands of dead and dying covering the ground, Ava looked across the blasted earth and felt Creation's pain. It mirrored her own, an implicit offer and request to do something about it. In that moment, she resolved to make it her life's work to heal the wounds left by war, both on the land and on its people. Ava fell into a deep slumber there on the battlefield and, when she woke, she knew Gaia had given her the blessing and power to begin that work. It is a commission she's carried forth ever since.

Ava presently holds a field position in the Bureau of Seasons and the Bureau of Nature. Although these agencies don't otherwise cooperate, the purview Gaia gives Her Chosen falls fairly evenly between them and Ava pursues the interests of both Bureaus as they rarely overlap. This doesn't functionally amount to a great deal of responsibility at any given time but Ava tends to go where either Bureau needs her to, and while there she tries to heal what she can, fix what problems she can handle and in general make a difference in that part of the world. It's a path she increasingly enjoys.


Ava often has a friendly smile and laughs easily. Though she has a relaxed humor about her, she tends toward a quiet retiring nature. Ava doesn't generally seek out the company of others and, while warm when around people, is generally content to occupy herself when no one's paying attention to her. She's not especially needy when it comes to attention.

In truth, Ava is a kind and compassionate woman who hates to see evil and rejoices to see people happy. She's steadfast and cares very much for the lives of complete strangers. She heals others at any opportunity and makes her way in the world by being charitable, occasionally at her own expense. She's not naive but she trusts more easily than some. Unlike most Dragon-Blooded, Ava was raised away from nearly any others and lacks any sense of divine entitlement, though she's learned that her obvious powers inspire respect and awe in others. She's been firmly determined not to let it go to her head.

Secretly, Ava is very much a romantic who especially loves children and watching couples get together. Even more secretly, Ava yearns to find someone to fall in love with like the stories she's always read…and has resolved to wait until she finds him. As rare as her Elemental potency is, her virginity at her age might be just as rare.


Age: 28
Height and build: 5'10, willowy
Hair: Deep blonde, the color of honey or ripe wheat, instead of the pale blonde more common in the North. It is waist-length, surprisingly straight and thicker than one might expect. She usually wears it loose.
Eyes: Her eyes are a rich deep blue, more like the sea than the sky. Lightning shimmers there, always manifesting as a constantly shifting net of yellow bands crisscrossing her blue irises.
Elemental Markings: Lightning is Ava's constant companion and it drips off her skin when she's not paying attention. Her wake leaves sparkles and cracks behind and she routinely shocks people when shaking hands. Only with the greatest mental effort can she avoid that effect but her eyes retain their electric current. When she's angry or greatly impassioned, she visibly glows with a golden radiance, not sunlight but incandescent energy. Wind often accompanies her and, if she's agitated, it can blow strongly enough to put out torches. Unlike many Air-Aspects, Ava isn't blue or cold to the touch nor is cold an effect of her Elemental Markings but she's not capable of passing for human unless she covers up and stays calm.
Dress: Ava dresses rather differently, depending on where she is. When on the road, she favors a full hooded cloak and robe to keep the rain off and the chill out. In a city, she favors a respectable scholar's robe without a cloak, usually gray or black. For formal occasions, or to make a good impression, she'll wear one of her two good dresses: one a vibrant blue embroidered with gold thread and the other a deep deep black with stitched roses done with white thread. Despite her liking for dark colors, her smiling face keeps such attire from being too somber.


Total: 500
Spent: 339
Spent on:

4 for Strength 2
8 for Wits 3
12 xp

3 for Integrity 3
7 for Lore 5
3 for Elemental Bolt Specialty (+3 now)
12 for Dodge 3 to Dodge 5
7 for Occult 4-5
8 for Linguistics 2-4
9 for Stealth 1-4
49 xp

12 for Willpower 7.
14 for Willpower 8.
10 for all upgrades for Sharpening the Dragon's Tooth.
9 for Compassion 4
12 for Compassion 5
9 for Conviction 4
6 for Valor 3
72 xp

9 for Sharpening the Dragon's Fang.
9 for Superlative Dragon's Fang.
9 for Elemental Wave Onslaught.
9 for Elemental Blossom Onslaught.
9 for Cascading Elemental Feedback.
9 for Elemental Dragon Stamina.
9 for Augmented Elemental Devastation Technique.
9 for Sustaining Elemental Devastation Technique.
9 for Anger of the Dragons.
9 for Rage of the Dragons.
9 Wind-Carried Words
9 Voices on the Wind
9 Granite Curtain of Serenity
9 With One Mind
9 Voice of Mastery
9 Poisoned Tongue Technique
9 Third Linguistics Excellency
11 Principle of Motion.
11 Weather Control.
11 Elemental Rejuvenation.
11 Amethyst Awareness.
9 Terrestrial Dodge Reinforcement
9 Threshold Warding Stance
9 Hopping Firecracker Evasion
9 Virtuous Negation Defense
9 Safety Among Enemies
9 Elemental Defense Technique
9 Smoldering Karma Strike
9 Unassailable Body of Air Defense
11 Ox-Body

413 xp

Essence Plethora. Extra 10 motes.
Principle of Motion. 5m, 1wp. Banks Willpower in extra actions.

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