Catseye In Gold2

Basic Character Information

Personal Information

Name: Catseye in Gold
Caste: Waxing Moon
Concept: A sympathetic counselor and diplomat trying to bring about world peace.
Motivation: To solve the conflict between the Realm and everyone else.
Totem: Ocelot.

Vital Statistics


Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, ~Stamina 3
Social: ~Charisma 5, ~Manipulation 2, ~Appearance 5
Mental: Perception 2, Intelligence 5, Wits 2


War: Dodge 3, Integrity 1, Martial Arts 3
Life: Craft (Water) 1, Linguistics 1 (Old Realm, ), ~Performance 5 (Calming +3), ~Presence 5 (Winning People Over +3), Socialize 3
Wisdom: Bureaucracy 2, Lore 3, Occult 3, Medicine 3


  • Oricalcum Wedding Band (+4 in Social or Perception rolls with the Solar, +2 to track the Solar.) (Artifact 1)
  • Gem of Grace (Adds +2 dice to Charisma or Manipulation rolls where the targets can see her). (Manse 3)
  • Resources 3
  • Heart's Blood 1 (Sparrow, goldfish, mouse, kitty! <3!).
  • Solar Bond 3
  • Savant 3

Secondary Statistics

Willpower, Virtues, and Intimacies

Willpower: 6
Virtues: Compassion 4, Valor 2, Temperance 2, Conviction 2
Positive Intimacies: ~Her Solar Mate Miapera, fixing emotional problems, mortal lives, boxes! :D.
Negative Intimacies: boxes! >:<

Health and Essence

Health: -0/-1/-1/-2/-4/-4/Incap/Dying/Dying/Dead
Essence: 3
Personal Essence Pool:
Peripheral Essence Pool:

Hybrid Body Rearrangement - 7 points available


  • Adaptation - Air: This pox renders the mutant resistant to natural cold. The character can remain comfortable and unharmed walking naked through a freezing blizzard or swimming in icy water (see “Numbing Cold” from the Environmental Effects table on p. 131 of Exalted). Not all characters with this mutation must come from the North: a character changed by the Southern Wyld might develop a flame burning in his heart that protects him against cold.
  • Adaptation - Fire: This pox protects the mutant from all natural extremes of hot weather. The character does not require additional water in hot weather. He can remain comfortable and unharmed walking naked under a blazing desert sun (see “Blistering Heat” from the Environmental Effects table on p. 131 of Exalted). This mutation does not protect the character from forest fires, lava or other extreme sources of heat. Not all characters with this mutation need come from the South; a character changed by the Northern Wyld might develop veins of ice in her bones that protect her from heat.
  • Adaptation - Water: This pox allows the character to drink salt water without harm. In addition, the character’s skin suffers no harm from continuous immersion in salt or fresh water. While the character cannot breathe water, when underwater, he can hold his breath for four times as long as normal (Stamina x 2 minutes + an additional two minutes per success on a Stamina + Resistance roll). The character also reduces the difficulty of Athletics rolls involving swimming by 1 (to a minimum difficulty of 1) and doubles the character’s swimming speed.
  • Adaptation - Wood: This pox grants the character the same resistance to all plant toxins (but not serpent or insect venoms, demonic or alchemical poisons or poisons created by Charms) as all Exalted possess and grants Exalts complete immunity to plant toxins. In addition, the character can move through forests, jungles, and other wooded areas with exceptional ease. The character can climb easily and with great speed—reducing the difficulty of Athletics rolls involving climbing by 1 (to a minimum difficulty of 1) and doubling the character’s climbing speed. The mutant also possess green skin that allows her to make food as plants do: if the character receives water and at least eight hours of sunlight each day, she reduces the difficulty of any Survival or Resistance rolls involving finding food or enduring hunger by 1 (to a minimum of 1).
  • Claws/fangs. Clawed punches or kicks inflict lethal. Claws can be retractable. So do bites if you grow fangs.
  • Enhanced Sense - +2 Awareness on all rolls related to that sense.
  • Fur - +1 to Survival, +1L/1B Soak. No need for clothes.
  • Hooves. The character’s lower legs are replaced with hooves more appropriate for a horse, a goat, a boar or some other, similar creature. The character adds two bashing damage to his kicks. If the pox is taken a second time, its effects are identical to the Great Hooves affliction.
  • Large. +1 dot in Strength and Stamina.
  • Night Vision: The mutant’s eyes are adapted to see in the dark like a cat or an owl. The mutant can see as easily on a moonless night in a city or a deep forest as ordinary humans can on an open plain or leafless forest on the night of the full moon, and can see as well under the full moon as well as ordinary mortals can in full daylight.
  • Serpentine Tongue. Ignore the normal -2 external penalty for fighting invisible opponents.
  • Skin/Hair Color. Very unusual skin or hair coloring.
  • Small. Lose 25% of body mass and height. -1 dot in Strength and Stamina as well as a -2 health level. +1 difficulty to hit her.
  • Tail. +2 to Athletics, isn't otherwise functional.
  • Third Eye. The character has a third eye located on her forehead, just above her other two. The character gains a +1 bonus on all Awareness rolls. The third eye can be concealed normally
  • Wolf's Pace. The character’s legs become longer and contain more power. Often, they take on a digitigrade shape similar to that of a dog or deer. Add two to the character’s Dexterity for the purpose of calculating movement during combat, and add two to the character’s Strength for the purposes of jumping distances. The character adds one die to single rolls representing competitive running. In long-term movement (see Exalted, p. 264), the character may move as quickly as a drawn carriage.


  • Chakra Eye: This affliction provides all the benefits of the Third Eye pox but also allows the character to detect dematerialized spirits. To do this, the player rolls (Perception + Awareness) with a difficulty of the spirit’s permanent Essence. However, the eye never blinks, and so attempts to conceal it cause discomfort for the character, inflicting a -1 internal penalty on all actions while the eye remains covered. If the character already has the Third Eye pox, then Chakra Eye can be purchased for only one additional mutation point. If this affliction is purchased a second time, its benefits and drawbacks are identical to the Lidless Demon Eye blight.
  • Chameleon: Adds +1 to survival rolls and +2 to Stealth rolls involving sight.
  • Frog Tongue: Can haul self if Strength is enough to lift one's weight. Punch and grapple attacks possible at a 3 yard range. +2 to Dex, +1 to Strength with tongue, but speech is slurred.
  • Gazelle’s Pace: This affliction is equivalent to taking the Wolf’s Pace pox twice. For long distance travel, the character can move overland as quickly as a horse. However, the character cannot possibly hide this mutation—his legs don’t look remotely human.
  • Gills: Can breathe underwater.
  • Great Hooves: The character’s legs turn into hooves per the Hooves pox. These powerful hooves inflict +2 damage to kicks, and all kicking attacks inflict lethal damage.
  • Impossible Joints: This mutation makes all the character’s joints reversible and increases her flexibility overall. She can fold herself up into remarkable positions, often fitting into places most people consider impossible. This mutation adds two dice to appropriate Athletics and Stealth rolls and has many potential nonrolled applications.
  • Inexhaustible: The mutant is an endless wellspring of energy, even when starved and moments from death. He never suffers fatigue (see Exalted, p. 130) from any source, giving the character the ability to run for hours without rest or stand under the hot sun in full armor unbowed.
  • Scorpion’s Tail: This affliction duplicates the Tail pox found on page 288 of Exalted. However, whatever the tail’s form, it ends in a sharp pointed barb. The tail is long enough for the character to attack in any direction, but it cannot be concealed absent stunts or Charms. If the Scorpion’s Tail affliction is purchased a second time (or once as a blight), the tail’s attack is considered piercing. Many mutants with this affliction also have the Toxin mutation (see Exalted, p. 289).
  • Talons/Tusks/Horns: (Revised from Exalted, p. 289.) The character sports dangerous talons, tusks, horns or some other hard growth that can be used as a natural weapon, inflicting lethal damage through Martial Arts attacks. Depending on the growths’ locations or natures, treat them as punch or kick attacks that infl ict lethal damage two greater than normal (i.e., a “punch” deals two lethal damage, the “kick” five lethal damage.) They remain natural weapons and cannot be disarmed, but they can be cut off with a crippling attack. This mutation cannot be stacked or hidden.
  • Toxin: 5L/action, 2, -/-, -2. Add 1 to Toxicity and the Penalty for every toxic affliction.
  • Thick Skin: The character’s skin becomes denser and heavier than the Fur/Feathers/Leaves pox. It might be thick and horny like rhinoceros hide, it could be covered in bark and knots or have heavy, crocodilian scales and bony nodules. The character gains 2L/2B soak. If a character gains the Fur/Feathers/Leaves/Scales pox twice, replace it with this affliction.
  • Prehensile Tail - Works like a third limb, but -2 on Strength, -1 on Dexterity. +2 to Athletic checks.


  • Acidic Pustules: The character’s body is covered with disgusting pustules. Whenever the character suffers damage from a hand-to-hand attack, the pus from these repulsive growths can splash back on the attacker, infl icting acid damage. For every point of damage suffered by the character, regardless of type, roll one die of lethal damage against the attacker and anyone else within fi ve yards, subtracting soak as normal.
  • Armored Hide: +4B/4L soak and +4 to Survival but skin is completely inhuman.
  • Cheetah’s Pace: This blight is equivalent to taking the Wolf’s Pace pox three times. For long distance travel, this blight provides the speed of a simple horse relay. The mutation alters a human recipient’s entire body: when running at full speed, including Dash actions, the character must go to all fours. This is not compatible with carrying weapons ready for use, or any other activity that requires hands; when the character stops running, she must spend the normal amount of time to draw weapons or otherwise prepare to use her hands again (typically a Miscellaneous Action or a Join Battle roll, as circumstances warrant).
  • Glider: Can fly at Stamina x 3 yards per action in level flight. Can go up at Stamina in yards per action or dive at Stamina x 10 yards per action. Diving requires a Dex+Athletics roll at difficulty 2 + number of actions taken for the dive.
  • Hideous Maw: The character has a second mouth somewhere on her body, most commonly on her stomach. This mouth must be used for eating, and the character can no longer eat through her normal mouth. The Hideous Maw is at least one foot wide (and may be larger if the character is a Lunar or otherwise capable of shapeshifting) and ringed with sharp teeth. Some Wyld mutants with this blight also gain the Tentacles blight (Exalted, p. 289), with the tentacles taking the form of viscera exploding from the mutant’s body while the maw is open. The effects are otherwise identical to the Tentacles blight… just more disgusting.
  • Lidless Demon Eye: This blight is identical to the Chakra Eye affl iction discussed previously, except that the eye glows with an unearthly green light that makes stealth impossible while the eye is exposed. The Lidless Demon Eye confers all of the benefi ts and drawbacks of the Chakra Eye except as follows. First, the Lidless Demon Eye can automatically perceive invisible and dematerialized creatures without the need for a roll. Second, the character can detect the use of Essence and magic as if he had used the Charm All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight (see Exalted, p. 222). Finally, attempting to cover the eye suffi ciently to conceal its light is quite painful for the character, infl icting a -3 internal penalty on all actions while the light of the Lidless Demon Eye is concealed.
  • Prehensile Body Hair: The character’s body hair is long and shaggy, although it does not look like actual fur as in the case of the Fur pox (see Exalted, p. 288). The character can cause hair anywhere on his body to stretch up to one yard and entangle a nearby target. Mechanically, doing so adds 3 to the character’s Strength for purposes of maintaining a grapple. When the character does not manipulate his body hair, he still looks extremely hirsute, and his body hair tends to move on its own randomly; the hair does not stretch beyond its normal length unless the character wishes. The character’s hairy body makes constricting clothing uncomfortable, though, increasing Fatigue and Mobility penalties for armor by +1 each.
  • Quills: Grow and throw quills. Punches can do +1L, Rate 3, Range 15 yards if thrown as quills. +1 to parry. Inflicts 3L if grappled. Taking this just increases damage.
  • Serpentine Hair: The character’s hair has been replaced with dozens of writhing snakes. The snakes do not have independent brain function, for each one remains part of the character. However, each snake can extend up to three yards away from the character to strike a target. The snakes’ bites are poisonous, using the Traits listed for coral snake venom (see Exalted, p. 131).
  • Tentacles: Gain 1d10/2 tentacles for each purchase, with each 5 yards long. They are strong but suffer -3 Dexterity for any coordinated activity. Grapple anyone in range and throw or constrict victims at Strength+3B per action.
  • Wall Walking: Can move at Dex+8 yards per action at full movement, half that if taking other actions. Very slick surfaces might require a Dex+Athletics action but never more than difficulty 2.


  • Dragon’s Breath: The mutant develops a form of attack that she may project at nearby enemies from her mouth. The attack may be flame, acid, shards of ice, stinging candy-wasps or whatever else the Wyld inflicted on her. The attack requires a (Dexterity + [Archery, Athletics or Thrown]) roll, has a base damage of (Stamina + Essence)L and a maximum range of 10 yards. The character’s mouth, lungs and internal organs all change shape to accommodate this strange bodily function. Some mutants develop external organs to contain the attack, which may only be used once every 10 actions (as it needs to recharge).
  • Multiple Limbs/Heads: One extra set of limbs or a head per purchase. Each set of legs, up to 3, adds 5 yards per action to running speed and 1 dice to resist knockback. Multiple arms reduce multiple action penalties by 1 per set of arms down to -1.
  • Serpent’s Body: The character’s legs fuse and stretch into a long, serpentine body, 15-20 feet long. The character gains a +4 Dexterity bonus only for calculating movement rates. The character also gains a +4 bonus on all grappling-related rolls when he uses his tail to constrict his foe. However, the character suffers a -3 internal penalty on all actions other than movement actions for which legs are essential, most notably jumping.
  • Spider Legs: This abomination causes the character to sprout four enormous spider legs from his back. Its effects resemble the Multiple Limbs abomination (see Exalted, p. 290), except that the spider legs do not confer a -1 reduction in fl urry penalties. Instead, the character gains the ability to climb any surface that is not completely frictionless, without any need for a roll. The character may not climb up objects that are not strong enough to support his weight, but he can hang upside down from a ceiling without diffi culty. This abomination also grants a +4 bonus to the (Strength + Athletics) pool for determining how far or how high a character can jump, and a character with spider legs can fall a distance equal to twice his vertical jumping distance and land without injury.
  • Stone Body: The character’s entire body becomes some very hard substance—if not through and through, then very nearly so. Whether his body now consists of crystal lattices, carved teak, cooled lava rock, never-melting ice or something stranger, the character loses one dot of Dexterity (minimum 1), but gains one dot of Stamina, +6L/+6B soak and four bonus dice to Survival rolls.
  • Terrifying Mane: The character has a long mane of hair that can move according to her will and can extend up to 10 yards. The character can form multiple hair “tentacles” but is subject to the normal penalty for multiple actions no matter how many tentacles she fashions. These hair tentacles are strong enough to support the character’s weight, easily allowing her to climb walls or brachiate through trees using only her hair to support her. The tentacles have the same Strength and Dexterity as the character herself. When the character does not actively control her hair, it tends to move about on its own, although it does not grow past its normal length unless the character wishes.
  • Wings: Fly at 2x normal running speed, ascends at running speed and dives at 10x running speed. No checks necessary.

Combat Statistics

Defense Statistics

  • Join Battle:
  • Dodge DV:
  • Parry DV:
  • Mental Dodge DV:
  • Mental Parry DV:


  • Standard: -B/-L/-0A (L/B from Amulet)

Combat Statistics

  • Clinch: Speed 6, Acc +0 (8) Dmg +0B (2B), Rate 1
  • Kick: Spd 5, Acc +0 (8) Dmg +3B (5B), Def -2 (3), Rate 2
  • Punch: Spd 5, Acc +1 (9), Dmg +0B (2B), Def +2 (5), Rate 3

Charms (10 Charms, still 1 left to go)


  • Humble Mouse Shape. Allows forms as small as a mouse. Gains a dot of Dexterity in Spirit Shape or can shift it to one size smaller.
  • Subtle Silver Declaration. Spend 1 mote to automatically hide Tells in false form, or increase base effectiveness of Tell by 2 in true form. Spend 1 mote to hide Tell when spending Peripheral. +1 creation point.
  • Hybrid Body Rearrangement (7 points of Mutations at any one time). +1 creation point.
  • Deadly Beastman Transformation (+2 to Strength and Stamina, Essence +2 points in Qualities, lost limbs and Crippling effects heal at one wound per hour, won't worsen in Dying health levels, interacts with Gift Charms)


  • Relentless Lunar Fury (1m & 1wp, Reflexive, Essence x 2 in actions): The character adds one automatic success to all combat actions, from attacking and resisting knockdown to keeping balance during the fight, but her Defense Values remain unaffected. She does not suffer wound penalties until they are worse than -1 and completely ignores fatigue for the duration. Finally, the maximum benefit the character may obtain from her physical Attribute Excellencies increases to (Attribute + Essence). With a successful reflexive Willpower roll, the character can perform a non-combat action (at -2 dice) or come off the offensive for a single action. She can only stop the fury early by forcefully calming her anger and cooling her blood; to do so, her player rolls (Willpower) at a difficulty of the character’s Valor.


  • First Charisma Excellency


  • First Appearance Excellency
  • Perfect Symmetry (4m, Simple, Combo-OK, One Scene): Doubles the maximum MDV bonus or penalty based on Appearance.
  • One of the Herd (3m, Reflexive, (Combo-OK, Illusion), One Scene): Perception rolls to pick the character out of a crowd take an internal penalty of the character’s Essence. Even if the character is alone, her appearance is so bland that no one can remember it. An observer must spend a point of Willpower to overcome this illusion of anonymity.

Martial Arts

Lunar Hero Style

  • Foot-Trapping Counter (2m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant): The target’s player rolls (Dexterity + Athletics) at a difficulty of the Lunar’s Dexterity. Failure indicates that he cannot move away from the Lunar until his next action. Foot-Trapping Counter does not function against other Charms that allow a character to reflexively retreat.
  • Rabid Beast Attitude (1m, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Essence in actions): Reduce all the character’s wound penalties by one point for this Charm’s duration.

Personal Information


Catseye in Gold is a strikingly gorgeous, exotic-looking woman with tawny gold skin, thick blonde hair that falls to her waist and lovely gold eyes. She typically dresses in light summer dresses in a southern style that accentuate her curves and show off her admittedly impressive bosom.

Despite her figure and taste in clothes, Catseye doesn't act like a seductress. She speaks softly and moves slowly, positioning herself and gesturing with very neutral body language. She smiles often but rarely shows strong emotion, maintaining a kind of professionalism at all times.


Catseye was born in a small hovel in Chiaroscuro. Her parents were dockworkers, as were her 7 older siblings. She grew up small, agile and very tough but she quickly demonstrated a deep caring and compassion rarely seen on the streets. Rather than being picked on for it, Catseye was honored for it especially by other children who often came to her to settle disputes. Even adults smiled when they saw Catseye, and a common phrase as she grew out of girlhood was her diplomatic way with people would 'see her in gold someday'.

When Catseye was 12 years old, the dockworkers went on strike because of how deeply their Solar lord and his Dragon-Blooded soldiers had ignored their plight and living conditions. Irritated, that Solar casually ordered an example made. When Dragon-Blooded shock troops moved in to break up the strike, Catseye leapt forward and fell at the knees of their Captain. In a calm voice, the young girl pleaded passionately for the lives of the striking dockworkers, highlighting their living conditions and asking for their understanding. When the Dragon-Blooded refused to yield, she asked that they take her life instead and gave the dockworkers one more chance. At that point, the Dragon-Blooded yielded for all saw the waxing crescent on her forehead.

Catseye was truly in gold as the parades of Meru sang praises to her honor. She met the Solar Lord of Chiaroscuro who turned out to be her Solar Mate. That's when the living hell of her teenage years began, for he was a man who much preferred men and not this lower-class street female. Still, she had her uses and he saw to it that she had the best education and refining possible. Catseye doesn't speak of what happened behind closed doors but her friends certainly remember the pain-filled sigh of relief she gave when he died in her 20s.

Miapera the Unassuming opened a new chapter of her life, for the young Night Caste woman was shy and bashful, every bit different from the Solar Mate Catseye had known. To her surprise, the Waxing Moon fell deeply in love with her new Solar Mate and in time came to regard winning the other woman's heart as her finest, most ardently sought goal. After years of sexual frustration, the Waxing Moon finally seduced her Solar Mate into a kiss…just as the Usurpation happened.

Catseye has no heroic story of those dark days. Fighting separated the women and she hasn't seen her Solar Mate since. Desperation drove the Lunar to hide in the form of a goldfish where a Sidereal whimsically snatched her up out of the pool she swam in and placed her in a fishbowl on his desk. For years, she hid there, waiting for a sign that her Solar Mate was alive or that the world might change.

Then she read two words that came across the Sidereal's desk: 'Merela lives'. That night, the Waxing Moon finally made her escape. And her search began.

Other Information

Age: 45
Height and weight: 5'10", 160lbs
Coloring: Deep golden skin, slightly lighter thick blonde hair down to her waist, dark golden eyes (Tell).


Spent on:

3 spent on Savant 0-3.
3 spent on Solar Bond 0-3.
1 spent on Heart's Blood 1.
8 spent on Performance & Presence 1-5.
1.5 for Specialty - Presence (Winning People Over +3)
1.5 for Specialty - Performance (Calming +3)

3 on Stamina 4-5
1.5 for Specialty - Presence (Winning People Over +3)
1.5 for Specialty - Martial Arts (Unarmored +3)
1 for Specialty - Performance (Calming +2)
2 on Solar Bond 2
3 on Manse 3 (Gem of Grace)
3 for Compassion 4-5
6 on Temperance 2-4

Strength 6, Dex 3, Stamina 5, Per 3, Intelligence 1, Wits 3, Willpower 5. Bite (Speed 6, Accuracy 6, Damage 7L, Rate 1), Claw (Speed 6, Accuacy 7, Damage 6L, Rate 2), Dodge DV 3, Soak 2L/5B.

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