Basic Character Information

Personal Information

Name: Navia
Caste: Secrets
Concept: Bureau Infiltrator and Intelligence Officer.
Motivation: Save Creation from all threats at any cost.
Anima: A soft warm green that ripples like tree leaves stirred by a wind.

Vital Statistics


Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 5, Stamina 3
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 5, Appearance 5
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 5, Wits 3


Journeys: Resistance 3, Sail 1
Serenity: Craft 3 (Fate), Dodge 3, Linguistics 3 (Old Realm, Earthtongue, Seatongue, Chillikin), ~Performance 3, ~Socialize 1
Battles: Archery 2, Presence 3
Secrets: Investigation 3, Larceny 3, Lore 5, Occult 3, Stealth 5
Endings: ~Awareness 3, Bureaucracy 3, Integrity 5, ~Martial Arts 5, Medicine 1


Arsenal 2
Backing (Bureau of Destiny) 3
Backing (Convention of Water) 1
Familiar 4 (A Chillikin named Seville)
Mentor 5 (Chejop Kejak)
Panoply 3
Savant 2
Wealth 1

Navia represents an up-and-coming Sidereal of considerable promise. Although she's made little effort to secure much personal wealth or connections in the mortal world at this time, it's entirely because her efforts have been focused on her career. She holds significant Backing for a Sidereal her age and was personally trained by Chejop Kejak, although his shift in responsibilities have effectively ended his availability to teach her Martial Arts and her recent change in Convention hasn't given her the time to find another Sifu. She has reasonable access to weapons and any equipment she requires through the Bureau, taking advantage of the recent surplus as it's unlikely the bookkeepers will be asking for any of it back in the near future. Although she rarely comments on him, she's also extraordinarily fond of the Chillikin she's had since she was a child, named after the Eclipse Circlemate of her Mother who gave it to her.

Secondary Statistics

Merits and Flaws

Driving Passion (+1 to dice when furthering her Motivation, 3 points)
True Paragon (Allows her Conviction to reach 6, 3 points)
Born to Rule (+1 to all social roles when interacting with an acknowledged inferior, 2 points)
Vice (Compassion (Solars), -2 points)
Greater Curse (only has 5 boxes for Limit, -5 points, )

Willpower, Virtues, and Intimacies

Willpower: 10
Virtues: Compassion 4, Valor 2, Temperance 3, Conviction 6
Intimacies: Creation, the Bureau of Fate, Chejop Kejak, her Chillikin familiar Seville.


Essence: 4
Personal Essence Pool: 18
Peripheral Essence Pool: 36 (49 total with 13 committed)

Navia is an extraordinarily driven woman, some say because of a desire to live up to her Solar and Lunar parents and some say because of something they did to her. Regardless, her commitment to the Bureau of Fate is famous (or infamous) as is her unrelenting efforts in pursuit of the Bureau's goals. She carries a certain grace, nobility and warmth to her, as if at least one quality of her Solar mother passed on to her. That said, her coldness toward Solars is well known and no one makes the mistake twice of believing she holds any love or sympathy for them. Some say she may be more prone to harsh, pragmatic choices but few dispute her justification for doing what must be done. Despite her somewhat reserved demeanor, Navia can be a surprisingly caring woman when Creation's fate is not on the line.



  • Prior Warning
  • Wise Choice


  • Underling Invisibility Practice


  • Elemental Vision (Water)


  • Absence
  • Avoidance Kata


  • Auspicious Prospects for Secrets
  • Efficient Secretary Technique


  • Avoiding the Truth Technique


  • Favorable Inflection Procedure


  • Methodology of Secrets


  • Faultless Ceremony
  • Perfection in Life
  • Defense of Shining Joy


  • Force Decision


  • Optimistic Security Practice


  • Soft Presence Method
  • Walking Outside Fate

Anima Power

  • Lesser Sign of Jupiter. She and all allies within Essencex10 yards become immune to mind reading and unnatural mental influence. If opponent has equal or higher, adds Essence to MDV.

Martial Arts

Violet Bier of Sorrows

  • Secrets of Future Strife

Righteous Devil Style

  • Kiss of the Sun Concentration
  • Blossom of Inevitable Demise
  • Lightning Draw Stance
  • Blessing of Righteous Solar Spark Meditation
  • Cloud of Ebon Devils
  • Righteous Devil Form

First Martial Arts Excellency


The House of Journeys

  • The Captain 1

The House of Serenity

  • The Ewer 1
  • The Pillar 3

The House of Battles

  • The Gauntlet 1

The House of Secrets

  • The Mask 3
  • The Sorcerer 3
  • The Treasure Trove 1

The House of Endings

  • The Crow 1

Combat Statistics

Defense Statistics

  • Join Battle: 6
  • Dodge: 6
  • Parry: 5
  • Mental Dodge: 10
  • Mental Parry: 4


  • Standard: -3B/-1L/-0A
  • With Infinite Resplendence Amulet: -4B/-2L/-0A
  • With Discreet Essence Armor: -9B/-7L/-0A (Hardness 2B/2L)

Combat Statistics

  • Clinch: Speed 6, Acc +0 (10) Dmg +0B (2B), Rate 1
  • Kick: Spd 5, Acc +0 (10) Dmg +3B (5B), Def -2 (4), Rate 2
  • Punch: Spd 5, Acc +1 (11), Dmg +0B (2B), Def +2 (6), Rate 3
  • Plasma Tongue Repeator with Motonic Disrupter Lens: Spd 5, Acc +2 (12), Dmg 10L (or burns out 10 motes), Range 20, Def +0 (5), Rate 3, Ammo 5)


Health: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap/Dying/Dying/Dead

Personal Information


Navia would have been a beauty of an Age, if she hadn't been born into the Age of Beauty. Certainly, her flawlessly pale skin and brilliant, flame-red hair are remarkable features in and of themselves. In conjunction with her emerald star-filled eyes and perfectly shaped figure, she draws eyes even in the most jaded courts. Likely, Navia would receive more attention if she smiled more but an atmosphere of serene finality shrouds her, as if she struggles to find the energy to put a good face on a burden too heavy to carry.

What she wears varies depending on the situation, as her Infinite Resplendence Amulet can create any kind of clothing she needs. But more often than not, Navia wears a green dress with a long train, high collar and a good bodice for dignity's sake. Her feet are covered by satin slippers that peek out from beneath the hem of her dress and her hands are covered by kidskin gloves. The only skin she tends to show is from her chin up. Navia wears her curly red hair up in an elaborate coiffure held up by a gold frame while working but takes it down where it can tumble to her waist when relaxing in the evening. She is almost always well made up, with a light foundation, a bold red lipstick that looks rather striking against her pale skin and black eyeliner to accent her emerald star-filled eyes.

She also favors a satin parasol, for rain and sun alike.


Like some Golden Children, Navia has no last name. Her mother felt a family name would diminish her station as well as Navia's so her child was only given a first name. Navia was born to Taking Chances, a Primordial War-era Night Caste Solar who served as the Inspector of the Night, supervising the entirety of the Deliberative's intelligence and security networks. Navia's father was only known as the Golden Dragon, a Waxing Moon Lunar who worked closely with the Bureau of Fate. Relative to some Sidereals, Navia had an uneventful and unremarkable childhood. She studied hard, learned well and was permitted to play freely with the other Golden Children at Meru's Orrery. Those who watched over the children thought she was more quiet and secretive than the others but that was to be expected for a Night Caste's daughter. By the time she was a teenager, Navia had few friends, little interest in boys and a great deal of interests in her books.

Matters changed one night when she looked up inside the Orrery and, instead of seeing a playground, saw the constellations laid out as they were. She understood then that the stars meant something, even more than the books on astrology said they did. Tiny tracking errors crept in now and then, always swiftly corrected…but only now did she understand why correction was necessary. The stars predicted the future. So if the stars changed, then it meant someone changed the future. As she pondered who that might be, her mother came to take her from the Orrery but, upon seeing her daughter, took Navia instead to the Yu-Shan Embassy. There, Navia discovered her blue eyes had turned green and found out she'd joined the Exalted ranks of the secretive Sidereals whose existence she'd just been contemplating.

The Golden Childen Secrets Caste worked hard and said little for her first century. She was trained by Chejop Kejak personally, as her last incarnation had been his Sifu and he still looked at her with the same fondness he'd had for his teacher. Never complaining or exploiting that relationship, Navia rose swiftly but kept to the halls of the Forbidding Manse of Ivy, rarely mingling with other Sidereals.

Only when the Sidereals held the Great Prophecy and discussed its results did she speak up. Navia had seen her mother do terrible, horribly cruel things to many including herself. Solars had to be stopped and, junior as she was, a Golden Child calling for the Vision of Bronze was unique enough to catch some attention. In the end, the Bureau of Fate presented their vision to the Maidens, received approval and went to the war, a decision Navia was only too happy to support. It's said she participated in an operation that should have ended the life of Creation's most dangerous Night Caste but Taking Chances eluded the Bureau's resources, doubtlessly aware of Navia's involvement in setting her up. Now, Navia serves on the Convention of Water after Chejop transferred her from the Convention of the Mountain that she'd served on for most of her life. She's not entirely sure why but her commitment to securing Creation's safety and ensuring the Solars are all dead is nearly absolute.


Navia is a calm, serene woman who speaks softly and rarely loses her temper. She's polite, somewhat formal and tends to smile a lot but never to any great degree. The consummate professional, Navia is typical of the Secrets Caste in her ability to play the truth close to her chest no matter how candid or friendly she seems to be. The only time her etiquette tends to slip is when discussing Solars or, rarely, encountering them. She can be shockingly cold in those cases, though not foolishly so. In the end, Navia believes in the Bureau of Fate and its Great Prophecy. She believes the Solars had to die and it will take a great deal of convincing to get her to believe there's any good in any of them. She's known for her commitment to Creation and equally known to be willing to use any means necessary to defend Creation, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

To the surprise of many who work with her much, Navia has a strong streak of compassion that is usually only evident outside of work. She's known to use her Charms and astrology to nudge couples together, ensure children grow up well and her office walls still have enough geneology posters from when she worked at Meru's Heavenly Unity Service plotting Dragonblooded family lines that it's obvious Serenity is a subject she enjoys. Navia also shows a great deal of affection for Seville, the Chillikin she's had since she was a child. Named after her mother's Eclipse Circlemate, since he was the one who gave it to her, the Chosen of Secrets' fondness for the created life form can be touching and occasionally amusing, as she is otherwise quite conservative.

Other Information

Age: 497
Height and weight: 5'9", 150lbs
Coloring: Pale flawless ivory skin, sharp and sparkling emerald eyes and waist length curly red hair the color of a smoldering twilight sun.
Typical Equipment:

  • Plasma Tongue Repeaters (Artifact 2). Includes Motonic Disrupter Lens selectable mode (Double damage against Manses, Artifact 2)
  • Discreet Essence Armor (5 motes to attune, 3 motes to activate for scene reflexively, Artifact 2)
  • Infinite Resplendence Amulet (Create clothes as a diceless action, +1L/+1B to soak, +1 to Resistance or Survival rolls vs. environments, Elsewhere pockets, 5 motes to attune, Artifact 3)
  • Resplendent Personal Assistant with built-in Recorder of Everlasting Glories and I AM Glyph Projector (Track time and distance, -1 difficulty to navigate or use astrology, I AM Glyh Projector built in, can record up to 2 days of footage. 2 motes to commit, Artifact 3)
  • Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light (No penalties to Appearance, +2 to resist disease or poison, 1 mote to attune, Artifact 1)
  • Bureau Operative Implant #3 (Bestows the Inexhaustible Affliction (No fatigue penalties) from Wyld Book p.146, per Mutation-Based Implants from Lords of Creation p.90. In this case, a Starmetal disc inset just below her left armpit)

// It's worth noting that Navia keeps her pistols tucked away in Elsewhere pockets created by her Infinite Resplendence Amulet. Her Discreet Essence Armor, Amulet, Collar and Personal Assistant fit smoothly in with the modest jewelery she otherwise wears. The implant isn't public knowledge but her relentless hours at the office make it obvious she has one, just as those hours are doubtlessly why the Bureau authorized issuing her one.//

Equipment Stored in Elsewhere Pockets:

  • Combat
  • Starmetal Hearthstone Bracers (+3 to Dodge, +1 to Accuracy, +1 to Defense, 4 motes to attune, Artifact 2)
  • Skin-Like-the-Mountains Oil (+12L/+10B to soak, Hardness 9L/9B for a scene)
  • Spycraft
  • Belt of Aerial Mobility (Spend 3 motes and walk on air or float upward for the rest of the scene, 3 motes to commit, Artifact 3)
  • Dragonfly's Ranging Eye (Remote sight. One can do line of sight with Essence sight for 3 motes to commit, the other can scry up to a mile away for 1 mote. Artifact 3 and 2 respectively)
  • Prayer Transceiver Module (Spend 10 motes and pray with Cha+Per at difficulty 3 to pray a message. 1 mote to attune, Artifact 2)
  • Privacy Veil (-2 external penalty for eavesdroppers to listen in on private conversation, Artifact 1)
  • The Hound's Eyes (Two eyes, leave one and see through it remotely up to 10 miles away for 1 mote a minute, +3 difficulty to notice the concealed eye. 4 motes to attune, Artifact 2)
  • The Ultimate Document (Can become whatever authentic document desired, 2 motes to attune, 6 motes to change appearance, Artifact 3)
  • Automata
  • Winged Messenger Bauble (Jewelery that can be animated to deliver messages, 1 mote to activate, Artifact 1)
  • Folding Servant (3 motes to activate, Artifact 2)
  • Automaton Assassins (Clockwork spiders, pg.100 of Wonders of the First Age, 1 mote to attune, 5-20 to power, Artifact 2)
  • Miscellaneous
  • Gill Cloak (Breathe underwater, 2 motes to commit, Artifact 1)
  • Starmetal Collar of Clockwork Diligence (Control animals, add 1 to Perception and Intelligence, 3 motes to commit, Artifact 2)
  • Omniscient Literary Advisor (3 motes to activate, can analyze books in 15 minutes, requires a Hearthstone to work, Artifact 3)
  • Ardent Brush (Automatic writing pen, 3 motes to activate, Artifact 2)
  • Fivefold Harmonic Adapter (Artifact 1)

//Navia carries a considerable amount of magical equipment at any given time in Elsewhere. As a spy and intelligence officer, she's long learned the utility of being prepared and her Panoply, Arsenal and Backing ensure she's well supplied. Frequent favorites are her use of a Prayer Transceiver Module for a quick message, a Dragonfly's Ranging Eye for surveillance and an Ultimate Document to pass herself off as an official with whatever access is necessary to go where she wishes.??


Total: 0
Spent: 0
Spent on: Nothing.

Bonus Points

Total: 15
Spent: 15
Spent on:

  • 2 on Mentor 5
  • 3 for Conviction 5
  • 3 for Conviction 6
  • 3 for Compassion 4
  • 3 for Temperance 3
  • 1 on Merits and Flaws (8 in Merits, -7 in Flaws).
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