Noelani Vailea

Basic Character Information

Personal Information

Name: Noelani.
Caste: Serenity.
Concept: Disillusioned Sidereal Agent and Master Navigator.
Motivation: Regain her faith in Serenity…or find something better to replace it.
Anima: A cool, soothing blue that ripples like the ocean.

Vital Statistics


Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2
Social: Charisma 4, Manipulation 4, Appearance 4
Mental: Perception 4, Intelligence 4, Wits 2


Journeys: Sail 5, Survival 3
Serenity: Craft (Fate 3, Wood 2), Dodge 2, Linguistics 3 (Seatongue, Old Realm, High Realm, Low Realm), Performance 3, Socialize 3
Battles: Archery 2, Athletics 2, Presence 3
Secrets: Investigation 2, Larceny 2, Lore 3, Occult 2, Stealth 1
Endings: Awareness 3, Bureaucracy 2, Martial Arts 4, Medicine 2, Integrity 3


Artifact 2 (Fuel Bolt Launcher)
Artifact 2 (Silken Armor)
Artifact 2 (Skinmount Amulet)
Backing 1 (Convention of Water)
Backing 1 (Convention of Serenity)
Celestial Manse 1 (Gem of Holiness) (+1 to Manipulation or Charisma rolls to gain trust or convince someone of her honesty)
Salary 1
Savant 3
Sifu 2

Secondary Statistics

Willpower, Virtues, and Intimacies

Willpower: 6
Virtues: Compassion 4, Valor 2, Temperance 2, Conviction 3
Intimacies: Families, Children, Making People Happy, her Sitar, her daughter.
Negative Intimacies: Siaka, Wyld-Monsters.
Limit: 1

Health and Essence

Health: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap/Dying/Dying/Dead
Essence: 3
Personal Essence Pool: 10 (at 10)
Peripheral Essence Pool: 28 (at 28)

Merits and Flaws

Elemental Adaptation (Water) (Drink salt water, no harm from being in water, hold breath Staminax2 minutes + 2 minutes per success on a Stamina + Resistance roll, reduce difficulty of all swimming Athletics rolls by 1, double swimming speed)
Gills (Breathe under water)

Combat Statistics

Defense Statistics

  • Join Battle: 5
  • Dodge: 4
  • Parry: 4
  • Mental Dodge: 5
  • Mental Parry: 4


  • Standard: -2B/-1L/-0A
  • Silken Armor: -5B/-6L/-5A

Combat Statistics

  • Clinch: Speed 6, Acc +0 (7) Dmg +0B (2B), Rate 1
  • Kick: Spd 5, Acc +0 (7) Dmg +3B (5B), Def -2 (3), Rate 2
  • Punch: Spd 5, Acc +1 (8), Dmg +0B (2B), Def +2 (5), Rate 3
  • Starmetal Fuel Bolt Launcher: Spd 6, Acc +2 (6), Dmg 20L, Rate 1, Range 30, Ammo 1, Tag F (Fire)



  • Prior Warning (6m, Simple (Speed 4, DV -0), Five Hours): Roll Wits+Awareness. Each success gives a cumulative 2 minute in advance warning that they may get into trouble.


  • Auspicious Prospects of Serenity (1m, Simple, Instant): Shows who fate wishes to have joy, as well as how to help such people achieve it. When used with Intelligence + Investigation, it gives her a sense of whether the fate in question is favorable in terms of the Maiden.
  • Efficient Secretary Technique (2m, Simple, One miscellaneous action): Pattern spider recites any simple, objective facts not actively concealed.


  • Avoiding the Truth Technique (3m, Supplemental, Instant): Add Larceny in successes to the social Ability roll. Beating the target's Dodge MDV means they believe they've seen through the Sidereal lying, whether they actually lied or not.


  • Favorable Inflection Procedure (5m, Simple, Instant): Roll Charisma+Linguistics against target's Dodge MDV, adding Essence in automatic successes. Success gives the target an Intimacy to the Sidereal for the scene. Can calm upset or hostile characters.


  • Force Decision (4m, Simple, Instant): Roll Manipulation+Presence against target's Essence. Success forces the target to make a valid, plausible choice though it doesn't hold them to it.


  • Sky and Rain Mantra (10m, Simple, One Day): Roll Stamina+Survival. Each success adds +1 or -1 to the difficulty of other character's Survival or Resistance rolls to live within Essence in miles. One success generally calms violent weather.


  • First Sailing Excellency. (1m per 2 dice, Reflexive, Instant).
  • Stone Skipping Spirit (5m, Simple, One Scene): Negate all environmental penalties from Sail rolls. Ship takes no damage from harsh conditions.

Martial Arts

Silver Nightingale Style

  • First Martial Art Excellency (1m per 2 dice, Reflexive, Instant).
  • Inspiring Battle Hymn (2m, Supplemental, One Action): Each action costs 2 motes but gives her and all allies in Essence x 5 yards a 1 die bonus to attacks and MDV. Rolls to coordinate attacks have a +2 bonus.
  • Terrifying Battle Shriek (2m, Supplemental, One Action): Each action costs 2 motes but she rolls fresh Perception+Martial Arts against the Dodge MDV of every foe within Essence x 5 yards. Each foe beaten has a -1 internal penalty on all actions and adds one tick to their Speed.
  • Harmony in Opposition Stance (3m, Simple, Varies): Roll Perception+Martial Arts against target's Essence. For each success up to her Essence, she can cut their Dodge or Parry DV by one and add one to her Dodge or Parry DV against them. Lasts until she fights someone else. Five actions of duration teach her about an Intimacy of theirs per scene.
  • Haunting Heart-Rending Melody (4m, Simple, Instant): Pick one target and make them feel an emotion toward something or someone present. Emotion is permanent and reoccurs when that someone or something is seen. Roll Charisma + Martial Arts against target's Dodge MDV (Intimaces, Virtues and Motivations may reduce this MDV). Target must be in Essencex10 yards.
  • Voice of the Night Bird (3m, Supplemental, Instant): Creates a sonic Martial Art attack within Martial Arts x 10 yards. Roll Perception + Martial Arts to hit. Base damage is Charisma in Bashing unless made Lethal or by Charm. This attack cannot be parried without a stunt or Charm, though it can be dodged.
  • Heartsong Meditation (5m+1m per action, 1 wp, 3 xp, Simple, Permanent): Create a mystic link to someone I have an Intimacy to. Must consent. Costs 1 willpower, 5 motes and 3 xp from each person. Then sing and spend 1 mote to talk to them. Roll Charisma + Martial Arts. 1 success shows physical/emotional state. 2 tells me activities. 4 shows a clear vision of the target and they can talk through singing at the cost of 1 mote an action. Transfer 1 willpower per action. Gives target the same info I get from them.

Combination Techniques

Combo XP Pool: 5

Oh Men of Dark and Dismal Fate (First MA Excellency + Voice of the Night Bird).


  • The Ewer: 3
  • The Musician: 1
  • The Peacock: 1
  • The Pillar: 2

Astrological Effects

  • Resplendent Destiny of the Ewer: Pinafore, Goddess of Orphans of Righteous Chancery. Duration: 20 years. Effect Points: 4
  • Ascending Blessing of the Blissful Idiot: -1 difficulty to all rolls to give Tide (a young man in Mantaville) a wife and family, for a duration of 60 years occurring once a day.

Personal Information


Noelani Vailea is willowy graceful woman with the features of a Western woman but the paler skin more common in the East…or under water. She has the gentle curves of a woman who keeps fit but spends much time in study. Her hair falls like a curtain down her back and is a striking shade of blue and green, the color of sea foam on the ocean. It's a shade that perfectly matches her eyes. While unusually shaded for a Chosen of Serenity, given the greenish shade to the more conventional blue, her eyes are filled with the same constellations of stars that any Sidereal has. Unusually, there are thin lines of gold embroidery woven across her neck in even lines, paralleling her gills. The decorative look is quite lovely to look at and makes it more difficult to notice she has gills, as she can reweave the gold thread from line to line to effectively sew her gills shut.

Noelani typically wears her hair down or sometimes gathered back in a single loose bundle. She also wears light makeup on a daily basis, mostly eyeliner to accent her eyes. The Sidereal wears a beautiful sea-green dress that's actually silken armor. For travel, she includes a long greatcoat over it and will sometimes include a wide-brimmed hat for shelter from the sun. She doesn't carry any obvious weapons but her sitar is a beautifully carved instrument that conceals the core of a fuel bolt launcher.


Noelani Vailea grew up among the People of the Sea in the far West. With Wyld Storms occasionally sweeping the surface of her homeland, Starshine Isle, her village built its way straight down to the shore line and beneath where the waters shielded the people more effectively behind ancient stone wards settled down there. Consequently, she grew up mostly beneath the waves.

From the time she was a young girl, Noelani discovered she had an unusual aptitude for reading the stars. This led to her studying with the tribe's shamans and a happy life spent learning the ancient tribal lore along with participating in the tribe's various ceremonies and marriage matchmaking. She did well enough to marry the tribal chief's son at the age of 16. They had a happy two year marriage, leading to a pregnancy. Noelani's Exaltation happened in childbirth, when she felt all of her newborn daughter's life suddenly stretch out and unfold. It was the happiest day of her life.

It was also the saddest. The next day, she was woken by her husband throwing her from his bed, accusing her of being some unknown Wyld Mutant or a spy from another tribe. To her horror, she discovered that everyone on Starshine Isle had forgotten she ever existed. She was incarcerated for a day and a night until a Sidereal came to retrieve her. Taken to Heaven for training, she spent a heartbroken Year and a Day in training until her graduation and assignment to the Convention of Water. On her first opportunity, she stopped by Starmist Isle to see her husband but he still didn't recognize her, believing his wife had left to the ocean over a year ago. Noelani almost took her daughter until she took the child in her arms and heard the baby cry…and she realized the child would never remember her either.

Since that day, Noelani has operated as an Agent for the Convention of Water, doing what must be done. If her heart isn't entirely in it, she still puts on a smile and a firm eye. After all, sometimes Serenity is loving the world, even when there's no love left for you.

Other Information

Age: 21
Height and weight: 5'9", 150lbs
Coloring: Wavy sea-foam hair, green-blue eyes, pale white skin


Total: 93
Spent: 80
Spent on:
5 on Combo Pool
10 on Auspicious Prospects of Serenity.
3 for Craft (Fate) 3.
3 for Performance 3.
2 for Athletics 2.
2 for Investigation 2.
1 for Dodge 2.
2 for Archery 2.
8 for Haunting Heart-Rending Melody (pg. 106 Scroll of the Monk).
8 for Voice of the Night Bird.
8 for Heartsong Meditation.
12 for Dexterity 4.
3 for Craft 1 (Wood)
1 for Craft 2 (Wood)
12 for Manipulation 4

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Dra-keth of Heartwind Isle (Mr. Calamari) (James)
Titantic Lustrous Heart
Wayward Sage

Gaufa's Stride is the ship.
Realm Incursion Defense Base 621.
The Island's name is now Riddle.
Gaufa is the man who recruited us. Dressed in moonsilver lamellar armor. Spears for arms. Ancient Lunar. Blue Water Merchant class of dark wood with red highlights. Runes are scrawled in the wood, inlaid with various alchemical formulas.
Red Eyed Shade. Attached to the Azure Capital of the Coral Archipelago. Half-Caste, son of a Chosen of Battles.

Toakan. The elder of my clan of People of the Sea. "Something has happened. You must come home and save our people." He's using Arcanos and he can barely see me in the vision/dream.

1 in 3 billion odds that she will find a way to make the world better, where everyone can be happy. And 1 in 200 if she meets a man named Procaedus. According to Plentimon.

The Loom of Fate allows us to teleport ourselves because Fate is so disconnected out here. Only works out in the West.
Moonless night right now, at the People of the Sea island.
The Luvulite Court. The old enemies of my people. They've returned and are stronger than ever. Even the wards were not strong enough. Dozens there. Too many. He and the braves tried to hold them off but they were too much. The Kelp People. They don't typically keep captives, they kill and eat them, but they did this time.
Starshine Isle.
Birds flying backwards.
Clouds are sailing beneath the water. High in the sky are fish.
There's a person down there, building something out of stone. Things look surprisingly normal? He's wearing tailored clothing. He's been here for quite some time. He's a Water-Aspected Dragon-Blood, judging by the water dripping from his skin. He's very polite. Dunnil is of the People of the Perfected Water. He's here at the request of my people to aid. The Emissaries of Perfected Water protect Wavecrest but most of the West too for the last 50 years. They protect the natives. Not so great for a pirate but good network of allies.
Several of my people have escaped to Abalone and have requested help.
The village has been torn down for a while. At least a week.
The door frame still has its iron wards. One room hut. Most of the household supplies are here. Containers for food and water have been taken. A gossamer bracelet was left out in the village proper, though.
There's another woman living at my home, a friend of mine. A couple of children live here.
Usually, people went closer to the wards which are kept under water. There's a pillar of white jade here since time immemorial, that's where the refuge was.
10 square mile area for the enemy area. Submerged coral reef and kelp forest.
Electric eels for defense.

Kai is destined for some hardships but will overcome them all. She's destined to have a good time in her life, to enjoy it and be happy. Not scheduled for romance for a long time but when she finds it, it will be powerful. Fairly strong fate for Serenity.
Daughter is the only surviving child. The step mom needs to go on and marry another man. Daughter goes to foster care. Assuming the family who gets her wants her.

Laniya (Lah-knee-yah).
Dunil. Coral Archipeloago. Contact to the Emissaries of Perfected Water.
Kachur - Coral's police force.
Siaka off the west side of Azure. Capture it and kill it and bring it back.
Family Tiderunner in Azure.
Lo-keer-ko. Island not far from where our ship was.
Snaghook. Lesser Elemental Dragon of Water. Loosely affiliated with the Convention of Water.
Righteous Tsunami. Scars on her face, Tya? Short green hair. Gold skin.

Island with pink sand, and a bay that we can dock at.
Fair Folk on it. Seduced the Full Moon. Her name's Varilae and she pretty much seduced the rest of us too.

Goals for Noelani:
- Fight the Wyld.
- Undermine siakas and their Goddess.
- Eliminate piracy.
- Make things safer for People of the Sea.

Plans of Action:
- Get promoted in the Convention of Water.
o Make an ally of the chief.
o Identify the other people who matter and make friends.
o Figure out who gets reports and make friends with them.
- Get on the Convention of the Wyld.
o Find out who's on it.
o Make myself an expert on it, for field experience so I can inform the Convention.
o Leverage a way to implement more aggressive Wyld-handling policies.
- Find someway to care for her daughter.
o Find a place that can care for her.
o Bind an elemental or make a deal with a God to take care of her.
- Fight the Wyld.
o Find more Lunars, organize them.
o Make the Lunar Captain a leader to found a federation around.
 Gain the Captain more allies, teachers to improve his abilities.
 Gain Realm funding/support to help stabilize the area by improving shipping.
 Make a list of all naval powers.
• Find out who leads them.
• Find out what they want.
• Find out how to turn our accomplishments into selling points for each one.
 Find People of the Sea. Bring them in to support the Captain. This expands his power and improves the People of the Sea's standing if more of the West realizes they're good people.
- Fight the Goddess of Western Warfare.
o Find her rival Gods and make friends.
o Promote the worship of other Gods actively.
 Evangelize?
 1 dot talismans left behind at villages? Earn goodwill for those Gods.
 Hook Astrology into it? To minimize Essence Burden, hook it into mortal converts, perhaps?
o Hurt her worship.
 Write stories and songs about heroes triumphing over siaka.
 Promote the siaka fish industry.
 Use Kraken to frame her through acts of sabotage. Or pirate crews, they collect booty by looting, destroy the scene to make people think siaka did it.
To Do List.
- Talismans. Set up a way to make them.
- Astrology. Research how many and what. Make stunts.
- Find out who all these people and organizations are.
- Figure out the Gods against Siaka (and find one to take care of her kid).

Siakal, Western God of Battle

We're getting dreams that we are beneath the notice of a beast that's on the island. Then we got dreams that we are to leave the island. It looks like a faerie living off a demense. There are 4 demenses on our island. One is Wood-Aspected, one is by the ocean (Water-Aspect), one is at the bottom of a lake and covered with ice (Water or Air), and the last one is unvisited.
The beast knocked Titanum Heart off the cliff with air.

The Lintha are paying off Quieran and Siakal and I find evidence that demonstrates that Lintha channel money and resources straight to the Mouth of Siakal and to the personal coffers of Quieran. In order to give money to some group of wealthy Coral families collectively as the Sons of Slaughter (who are they?). Quieran being paid off to look the other way while the Lintha are funding the Sons of Slaughter. Which does involve Lintha raid on unpopular privateers and anyone who stands in the way of Siakal.

Game website is:

Level 1 Water
Level 2 Air
Level 3 Wood
Level 2 Sidereal
Level 2 Lunar (Under the ocean)

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