Nyara Sunswept

Basic Character Information

Personal Information

Name: Nyara Sunswept.
Caste: Chosen of Serenity.
Concept: Wandering minstrel with a heart of gold and nerves of steel
Motivation: Save Creation by restoring its saviors.
Anima: A serene, rippling pond of blue radiance.

Vital Statistics


Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 5, Stamina 2
Social: Charisma 5, Manipulation 2, Appearance 4
Mental: Perception 2, Intelligence 3, Wits 2


Journeys: Resistance 3, Ride 2
Serenity: Dodge 3, Linguistics 3 (Rivertongue, Old Realm, Frosttongue, Low Realm), Performance 5 (+3 to Appeals to the Heart), Socialize 3
Battles: Archery 2, Presence 5
Secrets: Investigation 2, Larceny 2, Lore 3, Occult 2, Stealth 2
Endings: Awareness 2, Bureaucracy 3, Integrity 3, Martial Arts 5 (+3 Without Armor), Medicine 2


Artifact 2 - Fuel Bolt Launcher Sitar (pg. 77 Wonders of the Lost Age)
Artifact 3 - Starmetal Infinite Resplendence Amulet (Create clothes as a diceless action, +1L/+1B to soak, +1 to Resistance or Survival rolls vs. environments, Elsewhere pockets, 5 motes to attune, pg. 97 Lords of Creation)
Backing 3 - (Bureau of Fate)
Celestial Manse 3 - Precision of Form Gemstone (Reduces the Essence cost to use all Martial Art Charms of a particular style by 2 motes after Form Charm is active, pg. 106 Codex)
Celestial Manse 1 - Gem of Holiness (+1 to Manipulation or Charisma rolls to gain trust or convince someone of her honesty, pg. 105 of Oadenol's Codex)
Salary 3

Notes: Didn't take the three different kinds of Sidereal backing or the Sifu Background because Sidereal-only plots unlikely to happen in this game

Secondary Statistics

Willpower, Virtues, and Intimacies

Willpower: 8
Virtues: Compassion 4, Conviction 2, Temperance 4, Valor 2
Positive Intimacies: Thorns, young children, her sitar, her dead wife Isilme, Marukan, her still-living family
Negative Intimacies: The Mask of Winters
Limit: Flawed Fate. Advocate, seek or cause moments of extreme happiness in her own or other people's lives.

Health and Essence

Health: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap/Dying/Dying/Dead
Essence: 4
Personal Essence Pool: 16 (at 16)
Peripheral Essence Pool: 39 (at 39), 5 committed

Combat Statistics

Defense Statistics

  • Join Battle: 4 (8 with Secrets of Future Strife). +4 automatic successes for 2 motes with Lightning Draw Stance.
  • Dodge: 6 or 9 (5 from Dexterity + 3 from Dodge + 4 from Essence + 5 for 5m, 1wp from Performance with Defense of Shining Joy / 2) (Performance Excellencies can add if Defense of Shining Joy is active. If so, Essence (+4) automatic successes if Lesser Sign of Serenity is also active.)
  • Parry: 7 (5 from Dexterity + 5 from Martial Arts + 3 Without Armor / 2)
  • Mental Dodge: 8 (8 from Willpower + 3 from Integrity + 4 from Essence / 2)
  • Mental Parry: 5 or 7 (5 from Charisma + 5 from Presence or Performance + 3 if Appealing to the Heart)
  • Persuasion 10-16 (5 from Charisma + 5 from Presence or Performance + 1 from Gem of Holiness if gaining trust or honesty + 3 if appealing to the heart +2 with makeup on). +4 successes with Lesser Sign of Serenity. -3 if building long-term trust or a relationship.
  • Disguising Self 10 (3 from Intelligence + 2 from Larceny + 2 with make up on +3 from Arcane Fate). Always difficulty 1.


  • Standard: -2B/-1L/-0A
  • With Infinite Resplendence Amulet: -3B/-2L/-0A
  • With Optimistic Security Practice: -7B/-6L/-0A

Combat Statistics

  • Clinch: Speed 6, Acc +0 (13) Dmg +0B (2B), Rate 1
  • Kick: Spd 5, Acc +0 (13) Dmg +3B (5B), Def -2 (3), Rate 2
  • Punch: Spd 5, Acc +1 (14), Dmg +0B (2B), Def +2 (5), Rate 3
  • Fuel Bolt Launcher Sitar: Spd 6, Acc +1 (14), Dmg 18L, Rate 1, Range 30, Ammo 1, Tag F (Fire)


  • Perfect Makeup Kit (+2 to Larceny, Presence and Performance Rolls)
  • Perfect Lockpicks (+2 to Larceny)
  • Perfect Pen (+2 to Linguistics rolls to write flawlessly and beautifully)
  • Knife (Speed 5, Acc +1, Damage +2L, Defense +0, Rate 3) Perfect gives two +1 and one +2 bonus.
  • Whip (Sped 5, Acc +1, Damage +1B, Defense +0, Rate 2, Tags: Disarming (+2 to accuracy), Reach (No penalty)). Can use MA with it.
  • Seven Bounties Paste (Resources 3, allows Stamina+Resistance roll difficulty 1 with no penalties to resist disease, rolled 7 days in a row if necessary)

Sidereal Powers

Anima Power:

  • Lesser Sign of Serenity (10m, 5m with anima at 11-15, 1m with anima at 16+, Reflexive)): Add Essence in automatic successes to all Performance rolls made by her and her allies in Essencex10 yards for the scene.
  • Obvious Caste Mark (1m). Shines with the symbol and color of Venus for one minute as if anima at 8-10 motes.
  • Time Stamp (1m). Know the exact date and time of day by sensing the position of celestial bodies.
  • Gate Sense (1m). Sense only the presence of gateways to Heaven or Hell within Essencex100 feet for a scene.

Arcane Fate:

  • Masquerade. +3 to all Performance, Presence, Socialize and Larceny dice pools to masquerade under a false persona. All Intelligence+Larceny rolls for disguise are always difficulty 1. Bonuses do not apply if trying to look like someone specific. +3 bonus dice to disguise herself with a Resplendent Destiny.
  • Occlusion. -3 internal penalty to spot the Sidereal, whether she's trying to hide or not. -3 internal penalty to build relationships, trust, or love with mortals. -3 internal penalty to Investigation, Bureaucracy and Survival rolls to track or learn about her.
  • Amnesia. Shaping effect on mortals, Exalts and most Gods. Familiars, Acquaintances, Celestial Gods, Bureau of Destiny and creatures Outside of Fate are immune. Trying to recall her once she's left is a Wits+Integrity roll at difficulty 1 but with a -3 internal penalty. Must be rolled every time she's recalled until the roll fails or the target succeeds a number of times equal to her Essence, though rolling more successes than her Essence negates the need for future rolls. Failure causes forgetfulness, memory editing and substitution. Every record made of her gets a single die rolled every season, with a success causing it to vanish.



  • Optimistic Security Practice (5m, Simple (Speed 5, DV -1), Combo-OK, Scene). Increase bashing, lethal and aggravated soak by Essence. Enemies must spend one Willpower to damage or disable her if their Essence is lower than her Compassion.


  • Absence. (2m, Reflexive, Keyword (Combo-OK), Instant): Duplicates Shadow Over Water, negating all DV penalties.
  • Duck Fate. (10m, Reflexive, Keyword (Combo-Basic), Instant): Roll Dexterity+Dodge against opponent's Permanent Essence. Success allows her to avoid harmful effects including unexpected attacks, area-of-effect attacks, attacks with no physical component or even continuous effects with a duration longer than instant.
  • Avoidance Kata. (2m, Reflexive, Keyword (Illusion), Instant). Activation within the first two actions after Join Battle or Join Debate causes her to vanish and reappear somewhere else beyond her control but plausible for her to be in. Illusion effect blurs the memories of others into believing she wasn't there.


  • 2nd Performance Excellency. Cost 2m per success.
  • Propitious Performance Alignment (2m + 1 wp, Simple, Scene): Commit 2 motes to reduce Excellency cost by 1 mote to a minimum of 0. Can only spend twice Permanent Essence in motes. Every dot in the appropriate College counts as an automatic 1 mote reduction as long as at least 2 motes are spent.
  • Heart-Brightening Presentation Style (2m, Permanent): Spending 2 extra motes allows her to apply any Bureaucracy, Performance, Presence or Socialize Excellency to any dice pool involving those four abilities.
  • Perfection in Life (5m, Simple, Keyword (Combo-Basic, Fate, Compassion), Scene): Audience members to her performance gain a willpower point if she rolls Charisma+Performance and beats the highest DMDV of a person in the audience.
  • Defense of Shining Joy. (5m 1 wp, Simple (Speed 5, DV -1), One Scene): Add Performance to her Dodge in calculating DDV, and is able to use either Performance or Dodge Excellencies for Dodge DV. Ignore onslaught penalties and reduces the DV penalty of any attack she makes by 1 (to a minimum of 0).


  • Favorable Inflection Procedure (5m, Simple, Instant): Roll Charisma+Linguistics against target's Dodge MDV, adding Essence in automatic successes. Success gives the target an Intimacy to the Sidereal for the scene. Can calm upset or hostile characters.


  • Force Decision (4m, Simple, Instant): Roll Manipulation+Presence against target's Essence. Success forces the target to make a valid, plausible choice though it doesn't hold them to it.


  • Efficient Secretary Technique (2m, Simple, One miscellaneous action): Pattern spider recites any simple, objective facts not actively concealed. Cannot retrieve information actively hidden and does not work for areas in the Wyld, shadowlands or Malfaes. Or can be used to send a research request to the Gods in her library to research, but takes longer.


  • Avoiding the Truth Technique (3m, Supplemental, Keywords (Fate, Illusion, Conviction), Instant): Add Larceny in successes to the social Ability roll. Beating the target's Dodge MDV means they believe they've seen through the Sidereal lying, whether they actually lied or not.


  • Methodology of Secrets (5m, Reflexive, Until she next sleeps): Creates 3 specialty dice to be added to one or more abilities. Applies to effect rolls for Sidereal astrology for colleges linked to that ability.

Bureaucracy: 3

  • Underling Invisibility Practice (4m, Simple, Keyword (Illusion), Indefinite): Cannot be seen or detected by anyone who thinks they are better than her or who she seems to be. Footprints can be seen but not if she's present. Others cannot call victim's s attention to her either, victims just ignore her. Leaves victims with a faint sense of happiness and well-being. Effects that grant a perfect counter to invisibility pierce this effect. Doesn't work on Sidereals.


  • Compassionate Essence Replenishment (-, Permanent): Channeling Willpower through Compassion gives Compassionx2 motes back if it succeeds. Gains Compassion in motes back if she uses Performance in harmony with Compassion when something important is at stake.
  • Unhearing Dedication (-, Permanent): Forges supernaturally intense Intimacy to plans or programs endorsed by faction, convention or division. Any mental influence to betray or abandon the plan is an unacceptable order. Lasts as long as maintained, her superior's judge the plan complete or she spends 1 xp to switch.

Martial Arts


  • First Martial Art Excellency (1m per 2 dice, Reflexive, Instant).

Violet Bier of Sorrows

  • Secrets of Future Strife (-, Permanent): Doubles unmodified Join Battle dice pools permanently.

Righteous Devil Style

  • Kiss of the Sun Concentration. (1m to 3m, Supplemental, Combo-OK, Instant): Each mote reduces an Aim action by a tick, down to 1. 3 motes also burns a black circle half inch in diameter on the target, which can burn fingers and ignite flammables with a called shot.
  • Blossom of Inevitable Demise (3m, Supplemental, Keywords (Combo-OK, Obvious), Instant): Inflicts double the raw damage of a MA attack using a gun.
  • Lightning Draw Stance (2m, Reflexive, Keyword (Combo-OK, Obvious), Instant): Fast draw and fire in the same action without -1 DV penalty. +1 automatic success to Join Battle per dot of Essence.

Colleges - 7

  • The Ewer (Dodge): 1
  • The Peacock (Craft): 2
  • The Pillar (Linguistics): 1
  • The Musician (Performance): 3

Personal Information


Nyara is a tall, striking woman with clear star-filled blue eyes and a warm, generous smile. She typically keeps waist-length blonde hair down or sometimes gathered back in a single loose bundle. She also wears light makeup on a daily basis, mostly eyeliner to accent her eyes. Nyara typically wears a pretty blue dress that travels well, along with a greatcoat and a wide-brimmed hat for protection from the sun and rain. She wears an attractive pair of gold earrings, a pendant with her picture set next to a picture of her dead wife, and keeps a wedding band on her right hand. Nyara doesn't carry any obvious weapons but her sitar is a beautifully carved instrument that conceals the core of a fuel bolt launcher.


Nyara was born in the Marukan lands at the turn of the century to the Faleland family. Growing up on the windswept plains of the Range Lands, she shared her people's love for the land but never felt quite satisfied by it. An old retired soldier in her town would play the sitar on late Saturnsday afternoons and she always felt more drawn to the sounds of the strings than the stamps of horse hooves. Despite her parents' reluctance, for they wanted a daughter who'd take over their ranch, Nyara was allowed to learn and her natural skill quickly overcame objections. By the time she was 14, her parents let her travel to the capital to study music, for they'd already had two other children who seemed much more interested in the ranch.

She Exalted at the age of 17, by sex rather than song. She and her closest friend, a girl named Isilme, performed a triumphant concert and sipped a little too much wine at the celebration afterwards, winding up in bed with each other. The next morning, Nyara discovered the Caste Mark of a Chosen of Venus on her forehead…right as she discovered Isilme didn't remember her anymore. No one did, absolutely no one. The next 4 hours were the most horrifying of her life as she discovered the academy didn't know who she was, all of the records of her had disappeared and she'd suddenly become a stranger in the city she'd spent the last 2 years of her life in. A kindly Chosen of Secrets found her by lunch time and took her away to Heaven. Nyara initially struggled with the realization that she'd been born to save the world by protecting its Destiny. Her Year and a Day training was absolutely convincing, though, and she became a staunch supporter of the Bureau of Destiny by the time she was 18.

Her life since then was filled with adventures, excitement, romance and danger. Nyara's played before kings and peasants, fought Raksha, Demons and bandits alike. Everywhere she's gone, she's tried to leave the place behind better for her visit. And she never stopped looking for the Solars for one thought kept coming up: Creation was more dangerous, less safe, and less happy than it'd been in her history books. She still visits her family from time to time in the guise of a wandering minstrel so she can see how her siblings, their children and their children's children are doing. Nyara used to have a home in Thorns, for she'd met, fallen in love and married Nicene Windswept, the city's chief librarian 30 years ago. The city fell while she was away on assignment and the only thing she knows for sure is that her wife's thread is gone from the Loom of Fate. Now, 5 years later, Nyara wears her wedding band on her right hand, grieves quietly and searches all the harder for a way to bring the Solars to power. After all, maybe if they'd still been around, Thorns would be safe and her wife would be alive today…

Other Information

Age: 68
Height and weight: 5'11", 180lbs
Coloring: Golden straight waist-length hair, blue star-filled eyes, healthy tanned skin

Bonus Points

Total: 18
Spent: 18
Spent on:
3 on Specialties (+3 to Performance with Appeals to the Heart, +3 to Martial Arts without Armor)
3 on Martial Arts (2 to 5)
3 on Performance (2 to 5)
3 on Compassion 4
6 on Temperance 4


Total: 180
Spent: 0
Spent on:
5 for Ride 0-2
2 for Investigation 2
18 for Presence 2-5
4 for Dodge 1-3
3 for Linguistics 2-3
1 for Archery 1-2
2 for Stealth 1-2
18 for Essence 3
27 for Essence 4
30 for Absence, Duck Fate, Avoidance Kata
50 for Second Performance Excellency, Propitious Martial Arts Alignment, Heart-Brightening Presentation Style, Perfection in Life, Defense of Shining Joy
20 for Blossom of Inevitable Demise, Lightning Draw Stance

Buy Next:
Excellent Implementation of Objectives (pg. 142) (For Astrology!)
Mending Warped Designs (Pg. 143, Requires Essence 3) (Requires Excellent Implementation of Objectives)
Optimistic Security Practice (pg. 130 Sidereal Book)
Heartless Maiden Trance (pg. 130 Sidereal Book, Requires Essence 3)
Elemental Vision (Pg. 141)
World-Shaping Artistic Vision (Pg. 142)
Absence (Pg. 144)
Duck Fate (Pg. 144) (Requires Absence)
Avoidance Kata (Pg. 144) (Requires Essence 3 and Duck Fate)
Heart-Brightening Presentation Style (Pg. 147 (Requires a Performance Excellency and a Bureaucracy, Presence or Socialize Excellency)
Faultless Ceremony (Pg. 147)
Perfection in Life (Pg. 148)
Defense of Shining Joy (Pg. 148) (Requires Perfection in Life)
Generalized Ammunition Technique (Pg. 152)
Thought-Swping Distraction (Pg. 165)
Sidereal Shell Games (Pg.165) (Requires Essence 3) (Requires Thought-Swiping Distraction)
Methodology of Secrets (pg. 167)
Expected Pain (pg. 174)

Performance: Heart-Brightening Presentation Style, Perfection in Life, Defense of Shining Joy (Performance 3)
Craft: Excellent Implementation of Objectives, Mending Warped Designs, World-Shaping Artistic Vision (Craft 4)
Dodge: Absence, Duck Fate, Avoidance Kata (Dodge 3)
Linguistics: Favorable Inflection Procedure (Linguistics 3)
Awareness: Prior Warning, Expected Pain (Awareness 3)


  • Thought-Swiping Gesture (5m, 1wp, Simple, Keywords (Fate), Instant): A few seconds of eye contact allow the Sidereal to get a quick impression of what the target was thinking about, while the target forgets what they were thinking about.
  • Sidereal Shell Games (1m + 2m per increment stolen, 1 wp, Simple (Speed 6, DV -2), Keywords (Combo-Basic, Fate, Shaping), Scene): Roll Wits+Larceny. Success allows her to steal innate bashing and lethal soak, damage dice from all attacks or dice from a specific ability pool. Target loses them for the scene, she gains them for the scene. Cannot take more than target has and does not stack with Charms enhancing Sidereal dice pools (so still capped at Permanent Essence). Can choose multiple targets but can only increase her soak and any given dice pool once (cannot take 2 points of soak from 2 different targets).

Memorial Iron (Hearthstone 1, pg. 93 Ordenal's Codex)
Jewel of the Clever Merchant (Hearthstone 1, pg. 96 Ordenal's Codex)
Gem of Grace (3, pg. 386 Core)

Hearthstone Amulet (1, pg. 382 Core)
Hearthstone Bracers (2, pg. 383 Core)
Skinmount Amulet (2, pg. 74 of Wonders of the Lost Age)



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