Solitary Coil

Basic Character Information

Personal Information

True Name: Cynae
Deed Name: Solitary Coil
Caste: No Moon
Concept: Cold, intellectual First Age scientist yearning to be dominated by her Mate.
Motivation: Rebuild and recreate the secret infrastructure of the First Age.
Homeland: The Oldest Bone tribe of the Dune People.
Spirit Shape: Snake.
Tell: Red eyes slitted with silver. Fangs in her mouth.
Anima: Dreamlike veil of dark blue and purple light, with a silver tint along the edges. Greater Essence expenditures darken the shadowy veil while the silver edge grows brighter.

Vital Statistics


Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Social: Charisma 1, ~Manipulation 3, Appearance 5
Mental: ~Perception 4, ~Intelligence 5, ~Wits 3


War: Martial Arts 3
Life: Craft (Water) 3, Linguistics 3 (Dune Tongue, Old Realm, Clawspeak, +1), Performance 3, ~Survival 4
Wisdom: Investigation 3, Lore 3, Occult 3, Medicine 3


  • Backing 2 (Crossroad Society)
  • Heart's Blood 2 (Horse, Tiger, Dog, Lizard, Camel, Red-Tailed Hawk, Cat, Trout, Silk Jasmine (a redheaded courtesan), Nella (a blonde ten year old girl)).
  • Resources 2
  • Solar Bond 5


  • Night Vision (Pox) (1)
  • Enhanced Sense (+1 to Perception rolls that involve her scent of smell) (Pox) (1)
  • Enchanting Features (+2 to seduction, +1 Appearance cap, reduces App penalty against her by -1) (2)


  • Climate Sensitivity (Suffers a -1 internal penalty on all actions and +1 difficulty to all Survival and Resistance rolls when in the intense cold) (-2)
  • Obligation (Major Boon) (-3)
  • Known Anathema (-4)

Secondary Statistics

Willpower, Virtues, and Intimacies

Willpower: 6
Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction 4, Temperance 2, Valor 2
Positive Intimacies: ~Her Solar Mate (Needful craving), The First Age (Fascinated reverence), Shilaxi - Dune People (Frustrated need to save)
Negative Intimacies: Dijellta - Non-Dune People (Disgusted contempt)

Health and Essence

Health: -0/-1/-1/-2/-4/-4/Incap/Dying/Dying/Dead
Essence: 3
Personal Essence Pool: 15
Peripheral Essence Pool: 40

Combat Statistics

Defense Statistics

  • Join Battle: 3
  • Dodge DV: 3
  • Parry DV: 4
  • Mental Dodge DV: 5
  • Mental Parry DV: 2


  • Standard: -6B/-4L/-3A (4B/3L from Buff Jacket)

Combat Statistics

  • Kick: Spd 5, Acc +0, Dmg +3B (5B), Def -2 (6), Rate 2
  • Punch: Spd 5, Acc +1, Dmg +0B (2B), Def +2 (8), Rate 3



  • Prey's Skin Disguise


  • Secondary Dexterity Excellency


  • Second Intelligence Excellency
  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery


Terrestiral Circle Sorcery

  • Conjuring the Azure Chariot ((15m) Creates a flying chariot led by lightning horses. Can't be slowed or diverted, passengers receive 90% cover protection and are protected from most temperature extremes. Only lasts during the day. Speed: 100/200 mph, Manuverability: 3R, Endurance: Until sunset, Crew: Sorcerer, Cargo: Essence x 200 lbs or 4 passengers, Armor: 25L/35B, Health Levels: Ux15/Mx5/Cx3/1x2/D, Weapons: None.)
  • Flight of the Brilliant Raptor ((10m) Attacks any target in 1800 yards with Wits+Occult with Accuracy of Essence. Can't be parried without stunt or Charm. Difficulty to spot it coming is equal to Sorcerer's Essence. Base Damage is Perception+Occult with Essence in automatic successes. Inflicts automatic knockdown, -1 internal penalty for every 2 levels of damage inflicted. Explosion is 4L, Trauma 3 per Core pg. 131 with lingering fire inflicting 1L/tick, Trauam 2 for 10 ticks on area and target until extinguished).
  • Ritual of Elemental Empowerment ((30m) Empowers objects up to Essence x 5 pounds + 5 pounds for every additional 5 motes spent. Elementals add bonuses per page. 58 of Codex. Enchantments include:
  • Air:
  1. * Lightness. Weight is reduced to 1/5th normal. Heavy clothing is comfortable, weapons are -1 to Speed and armor is -1 to fatigue and mobility penalty.
  2. * Coldness. Commit a mote or Willpower. Clothes and armor give wearer a +3 Resistance to heat. Weapons gain +2L from cold.
  • Earth:
  1. * Solidity. Ordinary objects become nearly unbreakable, weapons never rust or need sharpening, armor gains +2L/+2B.
  • Fire:
  1. * Insulation. Object becomes immune to heat/fire damage.
  2. * Radiance. Commit a mote or Willpower. Clothes and armor give wearer a +3 Resistance to cold. Weapons gain +2L from heat.
  • Water:
  1. * Fluidity. Commit a mote or Willpower. Object can shift into an object of similar size, weight and composition. Clothes can change, armor can become a bundle, weapons can become tools, etc.
  • Wood:
  1. * Rejuvenation. Objects heal 1 health level an hour with superficial damage gone in minutes.
  • Virtuous Guardian of Flame ((25m, 5 committed) Creates a torch-sized flame that floats but can be set in a headdress, on a staff, in a lantern or in a censor. Parries attacks with Wits+Occult+Essence/2 PDV. Explicitly works on ranged and never suffers penalties other than onslaught or coordinated attack. Unprotected attackers face environmental damage of 4L, Trauma 2. Stacks with normal DV. Can't block ranged and hand-to-hand in the same tick.)

Anima Power

  • May reduce the mote cost of all Occult-related actions (whether Charm or spell) taken for the remainder of the scene. Also gains an obscuring aura of shadows, inflicting a -1 external penalty to those who can't see through darkness.


Adept Degree in Astrology

  • +2 to all rolls.
  • Costs Resources 1-.
  • Every 2 motes reduces Resource cost by 1 but all rituals require 1 willpower to use.
  • Compile Chart (0, Wits+Occult, difficulty 2, one hour): Requires starcharts and personal information. Creates an astrological profile.
  • Lesser Divination (1, Intelligence+Occult, difficulty 4, three hours): Predicts target's future. Duration of a month costs 1 success and seasons cost 2 successes. Accuracy gives extremely vague clues for 1 success or vague clues for 2 successes. Botches and certain targets create false predictions.
  • Predetermined Attributes (1, Intelligence+Occult, difficulty 4, one hour): After making a profile, allows her to tell if a child's primary attributes will be physical, social or mental.
  • Reactive Planning (1, Wits+Occult, difficulty 5, one hour): Requires a profile, then a Lesser Divination. Use lowers the difficulty of one future roll by 1.
  • Divination (2, Intelligence+Occult, difficulty 4, three hours): As Lesser Divination but Duration of 3 or 4 successes can look half a year to a year ahead. Likewise, Accuracy increases to 3 successes giving incomplete but helpful clues to 4 successes giving somewhat accurate information.
  • Brighter Star (2, Perception+Occult, difficulty 5, one hour): Shows if someone is an Exalt or has Destiny but can't tell which is which.
  • Natural Virtues (2, Intelligence+Occult, difficulty 4, one hour): Can determine someone's primary Virtue.



General Gear

  • Thick, heavy scholar robes imbued with Elemental Radiance.
  • A lovely green dress imbued with Elemental Fluidity.


  • Wind-Fire Wheels (Speed: 5, Accuracy: +2, Damage: +1L (+3L with Empowerment), Defense: +2, Rate: 3). Enchanted with Elemental Radiance for +2L from heat.
  • Knife (Speed: 5, Accuracy: +1, Damage: +2L, Defense: +0, Rate: 3). Enchanted with Elemental Fluidity (can change into a tool at will).


  • Buff Jacket (Soak:+3L/4B, Mobility: 0, Fatigue: 1). Enchanted with Elemental Lightness.

Personal Information


  • Apparent Age: 20s.
  • Height: 5'10
  • Weight: 155
  • Eyes: Red with silver slits.
  • Description: Solitary Coil is a unique beauty. Her figure is full and voluptuous, the perfect image of every man's fantasy. Coil's remarkable snow-white skin accentuates her perfectly formed features, making it difficult if not impossible for her to go unnoticed. Her long white hair falls in a free, flawlessly straightcurtain down to the small of her back.
  • Wardrobe: Coil typically wears a set of heavy dull-gray scholar's robes complete with hood for shelter against the sun, leaving only her gloved hands and cowled face visible. She wears nothing beneath this. The only time she wears a dress or something else is at the request of her Solar Mate.


From the time Cynae was born, she was always slower and weaker than the others. Her tribe of Dune People raised children collectively and she was always aware of falling short. The only ally she had was her twin brother, Cin. If not for the shamans, she might not have made it to adolescence. As it was, they discovered both she and her brother had remarkable aptitudes and trained them both in the ways of shamanism, Cin for his charisma and Cynae for her mind.

Becoming a teenager was worse. Even scarce food couldn't diminish the growing softness and curvaceous figure she gained, to everyone's disgust including hers. The Dune People considered lean muscle attractive, not her soft body, and this ostracized her. Despite the love of her twin brother Cin, she was called Solitary Cynae by the time she reached womanhood.

Then came the night she Exalted. She and her twin brother had just returned triumphant from a trip into the desert, cementing their status as adults in their tribe. During the celebration, though, Cynae lost track of her brother and everyone around seemed to have forgotten he ever existed. Fearing strange and unnatural magic, Coil cast his horoscope and found it mysteriously occluded. Determined, the young Dune Woman cast her own and looked for where hers and his intersected.

In that moment, Luna came to her as a man wrapped in thick cowls. He told her he'd Chosen her because she was willing to look where even moonlight couldn't shine. Luna then led the disbelieving Dune Woman away from her tribe and across the desert for weeks, teaching her as they went about Gaia and what true love was. The surly, disenfranchised Cynae had never been interested in anyone and found Luna's stories deeply compelling…until they arrived at the lair of Starfelled Tyranny, a venerable No-Moon. Luna left Cynae with one last thing to contemplate; his strange bronzed human face, a face she knew she'd one day call her Solar Mate no matter how much the thought of mating with a dijellta disgusted her.

Cynae's trials plainly proved her to be a No-Moon but unfortunately not the wisest, demonstrated when she took Solitary Coil as her deed name. The anti-social Dune Woman despised being taught by a dijellta and snuck away in a huff within weeks. She found another band of Dune People and quickly gained their attention by displaying her Anima. Unfortunately, doing so also drew down a Wyld Hunt upon her and them. Only the intervention of her mentor kept them from killing her and preserved the band of Dune People she thought she could protect.

Finally, Solitary Coil's poor attitude relented and she proved herself a quick and able student. First Age Lore in particular fascinated her with the promise of finding a way to cure and free her people from the curse of the Sun. She took to Sorcery in particular like her people took to the sand, finally gaining a fraction of her mentor's respect. Coil's intentions for learning it were somewhat derailed, though, when her Station of Sacrifice involved her abandoning her reservations about loving her dijellta Solar Mate. Unlocking Terrestrial Circle Sorcery also unlocked her heart and she realized she had to find him if she was going to be all that she'd been Exalted to be.

** Note **: Unknown to Solitary Coil, her brother Cin also Exalted…as a Chosen of Serenity. Now called Midnight Nacre, her twin has no more idea that his sister is a Lunar than she has that he could be a Sidereal. Close as they were, alienated as their respective Exaltations are, it's unknown what the ramifications would be if they learned of each other's existence.


Spent: -20
Spent on:
10 for Initiate Degree in Astrology
10 for Adept Degree in Astrology

2 on Poxes (Relic Race)
10 for Essence 3
2 for Survival 4
2 for Craft 3 (Water)
2 for Backing 2 (Crossroad Society)
2 for Enchanting Features
4 for Solar Bond 3-5
-2 for Climate Sensitivity (Cold)
-3 for Obligation (Major Boon)
-4 for Known Anathema

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